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Hi all,

Quite new here, but a long time coffee lover.

I am wondering if there's any lever upgrades available for the Dual Boiler?

Something like this would be great, or wooden. I'm not sure if they are a different size being designed for the barista express etc: ... ta-express


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Just got my BDB...out of the box and performed the initial setup as described in their directions by flushing the group head and steam wand, although the hot water knob on the side of the machine doesn't seem to turn? The flushing seemed to work perfectly, but now that it is in standby mode, the hot water knob still doesn't seem to turn...and I don't want to "force" it, particularly since I intend on doing the "slayer mod" so that knob can be used to flow profile...any advice?


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Another issue now, machine starts buzzing randomly as if pump is running. Even after standby sometimes it just buzzes as if pump is running. Pull water tank, sometimes it stops sometimes it doesn't. Like one thing after another with this machine. Solenoid already replaced, valves, opv, pump, rings etc.


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I love this thread! I have had a Breville DBD BES920 since it first came out but recently have started to get restless about an upgrade. Started looking and really couldn't figure out what was an actual upgrade other than a La Marzocco Linea Mini which was way out of the budget. Then I came across this thread and now have a rotary pump and slayer mod planned. Very exciting!

But before I do those mods, I need to do some well overdue maintenance. I have read the first post about preventative maintenance and I promise I will do that in future! And when I do the rotary mod I will plumb in a water softener.

I am fairly sure I have a scale problem in my machine at the moment. The solenoid is buzzy, and over the last few weeks I have started having trouble getting it up to pressure during extraction. If I put the blind basket on it slowly makes it to full pressure, but not like normal.

So getting to my question for you experts: How do I go about doing a descale if I know my machine has a lot of scale? I have read that I shouldn't do the normal descale process in the machine menu as that causes issues. But would should I do instead? I have got new o-rings on the way, while pulling it apart to replace o-rings should I do a manual descale with a vinegar solution directly into both boilers? What other components would I need to descale?

I apologise if this question has already been asked, I have searched through this thread and the forum in general but haven't found the answer.


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I have seen a youtube posting on doing the descale manually, but I have no idea who did it or what to search for to find it.

I would surmise you could manually drain the boilers and reservoir. Fill the reservoir with descaling solution. Turn the machine on. run a shot or two of water through the group. Open the steam valve for a few seconds. Let everything sit and soak for a while. Drain the boilers and repeat. Drain the boilers and reservoir. fill with clear, non scaling water. Go through the same process several times to rinse the descaling solution out and be done.

Take this for what you paid for it. I have not tried a manual descale as I have been running rpavlis water since I had my descale debacle a few years ago.


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My BES920 has been leaking a while to a point where it no more made sense to make coffee with it. Since it's the older revision and that plastic collar part alone wasn't available, I needed to replace it with the newer collar. However, although I did order the SP0008924 from the importer (Sage/Breville does not offer the $350 repair service in Finland) I only got this part:

Now, I knew I wasn't getting everything as this was priced at 30€. But, do I need more parts to actually fix my machine? Does the heating element from my current machine work with this? Or do I need to order something more (although I'm lost at what part number this is anymore - the box itself only had order number).

After changing steam valve, opv, pump etc on the machine previously, I'd be happy to give it some more life before replacing it.


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Looks like solenoid is failing again which was already replaced few months ago, wtf, buzzing is annoying as hell. Ughh I must have the worst pos Breville on here lol. Do people just throw these things out and buy another lol? Still don't know how shots on a 10yr old CC1 are flat out better in everyway vs a Slayer'd BDB, even when Slayer mode worked, I can adjust water debit but the pressure gauge shows no difference anymore in months, just ramps normal and goes to 9 bar and than sometimes levies off a bit like any normal machine from puck erosion. Opv, pump etc already replaced so that was pointless since can't tell on this machine what is or has failed. Pressure is spot on with blank basket in.

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Ok so after swapping out all of the o-rings a month ago everything has been working great. Last night I go to steam some milk for hot chocolate and the darn thing beeps and steam is weak. Heard it filling the boiler let it sit a bit more tried again same thing. This morning no improvement. What gives? My sentiment is as someone just a day ago noted this for as good a machine at the price as it may be is really a POS in terms of longevity and reliability. Very sad. This was a brand newly replaced unit in march 2020 so not even 2 years. Gets only a single shot use per day daily with sometimes a few but it's very well kept, cleaned, maintained what gives?!!


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After changing the hose o-rings (orange), my machine is back to tripping the GFCI outlet. I presume I should try replacing the sensor o-rings (blue) as well. Can anyone share a link to the right o-rings? I'm having a tough time tracking them down in the long thread. Thanks!


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