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Hi there,

Huge fan of your community, and I finally decide to speak, because I can't enjoy my coffee routine anymore.

I need help.. I have a 920xl from another brand (like sage or breville) called Riviera & Bar.
And I was very happy with it until one day it starts to leak.. And I'm not talking about a small one.

The leak is at the portafilter joint. Preinfusion is ok, but when the pressure is rising, the leaks starts from the portafilter joint.
So I did change quickly the rubber and shower head with an upgrade IMS one thinking the rubber was just a little bit too old. ... B00OBH8HPS

But as you can imagine nothing changed. Since the leak began, the portafilter became complicated to insert too. Before it was easy, didn't have to force.

I have no idea how to resolve this. It might come from the basket itself, I don't know. But I need your help guys.

Thank you !


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If possible, could you please post a picture of the grouphead taking from the tray? That will help determine whether you have the old group or the new group. It is possibly not the gasket that went bad, but the plastic grouphead insert that needs replacement. Depending on the version of your group, it may be difficult to find the insert. However, a picture will help determining which version is yours.


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Sure, it might be what you just said...

Here is an image, If you need anything, or maybe a photo with flash, let me know.

Thank you !


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Unfortunately, that is the old group asembly. There is not a quick and easy way to replace the group head insert. The new style group head should be available, but it is quite an involved job to replace the assembly. It's doable but not quick and easy.

IMHO, it would be worth the effort, if that is the actual problem.


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Thanks.. Do you now how I can find people in Europe to do this kind of job maybe ? I'll be sad to have to buy another machine because of this..


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Sorry, I'm going to be no help there. I know Brevill no longer services the 900 machines, but you may be able to find an independant service shop that would do the work for you. It's really not that difficult. It's just not a 10 minute job with a cross tip screwdriver.


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And any idea where to find the new style group head ?


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Cool, thank you. Now I need to find the handyman around me.

Is it possible to change only the collar like on this video with the one you have send me: ?


#700: Post by luvmy40 » ... and-block/

On back order, but listed at Out West Coffee