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BaristaBob wrote:I'm interested to know whether Breville did any modification to the side port on the steam boiler...the hardest o-ring to change.
My new machine showed up today. The side port is definitely the same hex nut as seen on all the other boiler connections. This is a great change!

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This is great news. Thanks for posting!


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*sigh* wrote:My new machine showed up today. The side port is definitely the same hex nut as seen on all the other boiler connections. This is a great change!
Wow *sigh* this is definitely great news! Please post if you find some more differences from older models to the newest.
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Yeah I'll poke around a little more over the coming weeks. The brew pump was having trouble priming so I just opened it quickly to check on that and made sure to check the side port.


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sternalot wrote:Recently replaced the pump on my Breville and the hot water dispenser intermittently spits/sprays when dispensing water. Anyone know what might be going on? Thanks!
It could be an air leak either on the inlet to the pump or in the loop from the output of the opv back to the inlet of the pump. Also change the o ring inside the opv that also causes an air leak if it's worn.


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Well, this replacement machine also has the gurgling issue during low pressure preinfusion making it useless. I checked the opv o ring and it looks fine but there seems to be some air getting into the system somewhere, or they changed something about the water path that's causing issues. So at this point even a replacement machine likely won't fix the issue so I ended up just doing the slayer mod instead. The tube from the bottom of the solenoid to the needle valve seems a bit shorter now so I actually had to swap a few tubes around which was a PITA since it's really hard to get the retaining clip back in for the tube on the bottom of the solenoid.

I did notice they now glue the OPV in its factory position. Guess they didn't like people tinkering with it :lol:


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Got around to swapping out the sensor probe rings, was worried about damaging the ceramic as those probes have been out of stock everywhere forever and was told by a few places they have no eta or even if ever available again (so if they break your sol and machine is a paper weight). But mine came out easy, hardly any scale and mines like 6 years old and about 6k shots (bought it used to play with and mod). Soaked in a little dezcal but they were pretty clean and could barely feel scale. Kinda surprised as even elsewhere read so many people couldn't even get the probes out as they were completely caked with thick scale.

The lil inner white oring is annoying to do, have to finagle with a pick tool and be careful not to tear the new ring putting on, than had to try to jam in before compressing. The two larger probes were ok but the smaller probe I had to fight to get the ring to compress in. Think I'm set on probe inner rings, lil pack I have has like a 100 lol, so should last a couple centuries........

The larger 010 red rings I had to pull down and force into the boiler with a tool pressing around where they sit as could not get any of the probes deep enough for the clips to slide though of the ring was at the top of the probe.

The mini e-clip is a beotch, too small for even my tiny hemostat or anything. And two went flying which I luckily found. Stabbed my fingers a few times with one of my hook tools trying to use the point to jam the clip back on.

Fired her up and no more probe leaks, was really only the middle one but figured might as well do all and get it over with.


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Hi BDB Brains Trust,

I had some runaway heating and after a deep dive learnt about leaks causing this. Opened the machine up and found that I was having steam leaking out of the (I believe to be) steam boiler. However, it was from where one of the tube nut is and not the classic o ring and hair clip style connection.
I've attached a photo and circled where the leak was.
My problem is, I have tried to get this off to see if there is a way to fix this seal without any success.
Has anyone got any experience with a leak here? Any ideas about how to fix?

Thanks all!


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I was under the impression these newer type nut fittings weren't suppose to leak. If you are correct about where the leak is coming from, and I assume you are correct (you did warm it up with the top off and saw steam/water actually coming out from the nut?), this is troubling. My machine is much older (just clip fasteners). Can't really help, except you could try using a little food grade lube down the center while it's up to temp. Then wait until the machine is completely cooled down and see if it will turn after that.
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I'm not totally sure what year model it is as I bought it second hand a couple of years ago.
But yep had the top off and saw the steam coming out, but I might do it again to confirm and maybe video.
Good idea about lube at temp then cooling, thanks!