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Sorry, but I don't agree! if they don't want to replace or fix this issue it doesn't mean normal. You want to say if you're buying brand new car and paint starts to peel off even if it's still under warranty then its normal because car still works and there is no need to fix it? it's just cosmetic! I doubt!

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Vissentis wrote:how old is your DB?
I got mine just over 3 years ago. One thing I do is I usually set the timer for it to turn on pretty early in the morning, and then it might end up sitting in standby for a couple of hours before I actually get up. I wonder if that contributes to the peeling?

Has anyone here managed to convince Breville to replace the group head?

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I don't think stand by mode contributes to the peeling. I found this issue very common for dual boiler. I would say every single machine has it not only yours and mine. Breville 100% will not replace it. I personally call them even if my DB it's still under warranty. I was told even if they will replace my machine with new most likely will have same issue. I also was told it's safe and no worries so I just give up.

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They must have changed policy. Four years ago they replaced mine. Here is the picture I sent them at that time: Flacking
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