Breville Dual Boiler Group Head Leaking

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Hello all. I have a two year old Breville Dual Boiler and I'm having a couple of issues that all seem to be related to one main issue. First, the group head is leaking at the top of the group head. While I know a leak at the portafilter is a known issue, my case seems to be different. The second issue is that both my digital gauge (where temp, shot time, etc. are) and the pressure gauge are getting steam in them as the unit heats up. I believe this is all related to a deal issue, but I was curious if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks in advance.


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Have you taken the top off to see if the brew boiler is leaking? Two years is prime time for o-ring issues. Pop the top, turn it on and watch for leaks especially in the area of the brew boiler. Just be careful not to poke around too much while you have it plugged in, and it's hot.

Hope you find the problem.
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Thanks Bob, I appreciate it. I have not done that yet, but I will this weekend. I'll keep the forum posted.

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Looks like it's an o-ring on the steam boiler. I had quite a bit of standing water in my unit and some rust - is this normal for one bad o-ring on a 2 year old unit?


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2 years is pretty much the norm for o-ring failure on these machines. I have decided to replace all the o-rings on an annual schedule, preemptively.

It doesn't take long for a steam leak to deposit a good bit of water.

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I hear you - makes sense.

I took the sensor probe out and noticed it seems to be degrading. The washer looks fine, but I think I'll actually need a new sensor - do you agree?


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Thanks for sending the sizes, but the leak isn't coming from the o-rings. When I watched the unit heat up, the leak was coming out the sensor tip near the wire, not the base near the o-ring. Plus the white part was falling apart as I pulled it out. I'm going to order a new sensor.


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Thats fine, but the small white o-rings I linked to are the ones that seal the sensor probe in the insulator. If the ceramic insulator is not cracked, you can just change the o-ring.

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The ceramic insulator is deteriorating- pieces of it fell off as I removed it from the boiler.