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Roughrider wrote:The ceramic insulator is deteriorating- pieces of it fell off as I removed it from the boiler.
Can't really tell from your one pic. Bad deterioration after two years sounds a bit strange. You sure it isn't calcium scale that's falling off the insulator? My machine is seven years old and my probes are still fine, but I have 20-30 hardness water.
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I initially thought it was calcium scale, but as I looked more closely I saw where the insulator and where the piece came from.

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Hey, I had to put this project on the back burner for a minute, but wanted to revisit it as I am spending way too much money on cortados these days. I need to buy 3 new steam boiler probes - is there a good source for these? As I mentioned previously, the ceramic insulator is cracking and causing the steam to leak.



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I saw outback but the probes are out of stock

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Update: I ended up calling Breville and after viewing the issue on a video call, they agreed that the issue should not be occurring and agreed to repair it at no cost. My unit was close to two years old (I believe a bit older), so for others experiencing this issue, just give Breville a call and see what they'll do. Cheers