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Hi all,

I recently purchased a BDB and supposedly it was maintained well. I removed the shower screen and was shocked to find what was underneath.

Attached is a photo of before and after brushing it with cafiza. What do you guys think?


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That is, maybe the worst I've seen but this is not uncommon. Most of the BDBs show some "corrosion" of the finish on the dispersion disc(?). I'd say the PO exaggerated their dedication to maintenace. :roll:


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Agree with Luvmy40...worse I've seen. I would clean it a few more times with maybe just soap and water, maybe a very mild abrasive pad (steel wool). Hard to see but it's appears the Teflon coating has totally peeled away.
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Cleaned it the best I can...

Really disappointed that the machine was not in the condition stated. But long term am I good?

Team HB

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Yes, you're good. As/per Breville, the teflon coating will crumble away in time (often in warranty period) and is no cause for alarm (and no cause for a warranty claim). The coating is not necessary for the machine to brew, I don't know why they bother with it at all since they know it doesn't last and they dont think it's important. Maybe it's one of the things they find important to list on the box or brochure. They can state "Teflon coated dispersion disk" kind-of like they have "15 Bar Pump" on the boxes of some machines.


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John's right, it looks nice and clean. I'd say you're good to go.

No worries, more important at this point is that the group collar is perfectly clean and that your group gasket has no cracks or damage.
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Hello everybody,
I'm only 25 pages into this thread but I'm about to pull the trigger on a BDB so i think it's worth to go through the whole thread. Seems to be a lot of useful info in it although I'm not sure how pertinent is what I'm reading atm since it's from 2018 but it seems like the bes920 was from that time so i guess only minor changes (if any) since then.
Anyway, this will be my first real espresso machine and I wanted one for a while. I went through all the phases of wish. Started thinking about a barista pro but having had "toy" machines before I thought that that one might fall in the same category (and getting all the internet comments about breville that everyone is aware about) i decided to go for the bling factor and started convincing myself that I nedded a prosumer, then it get so overwhelming between HX, DB, PID or not, E61 vz BZ, etc that i talk myself off it, let it cool off and the thought comes back to start all over again.
This time I decided to pursue it until I get a machine on my counter.
This time I thought the winner was the bezzera BZ13 to soon after looking for a X58 that soon turned into a M58 (or a PRO600) until I decided that having to run a machine for 30 minutes to get a 40 second shot made no sense (especially with electricity prices in my country) so I decided that IF I'm going to get it wrong it's better to get it wrong for $1600 rather than $3000+ :lol:
Anyway.... back to reading and thanks for all the info.


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My BDB is going on 8 years and still working fine... almost. I have had to clean the solenoid valve a couple of times and I have some dripping from the hot water tap whilst pulling a shot. But I just picked up a new issue this week, that seems to be a failed or stuck OPV (see other thread). I'll be getting into that job soon. Maybe tomorrow if I can't live with regular drip coffee. I can't find a new OPV but I replaced it once when I was troubleshooting my first issue which turned out to be the dirty solenoid valve. So, if I can't clean or fix the one in then machine, I have the old one in the bin and will pop that back in.


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You may as well just do brass swap, Vibiemme Opv and brass ulka pump. Even if your not profiling (slayer'd) or using PI, run so smooth with that mod and quieter as well. Way easier to adjust pressure as well, I'm pulling a light roast right now so I set puck to be 7 bar max and still low bar infuse with knob barely cracked and than profile down after 7 bar. But if I just use a dark roast, I just pull as is full pressure, the brass ulka also ramps a bit slower and smooth, really nice dark roast pulls (especially with HG1 Prime lol)


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I almost have a heart attack :lol:
I finally decided to pull the trigger today and I see the dynamic duo was not available on Amazon anymore :shock: it was sold by SCG. I checked on their site and neither ( they were the only ones with stock). Just fit a chance i decided to go to (where they showed a out of stock) and saw that they copper them in so I didn't wanted to risk it I ordered the combo (if they had it in black I would have ordered only the machine) I know I'll upgrade the grinder soon (also not in stock the one I want) so at least the BSG will get me started until then.
I guess it'll take 7/19 days to Miami plus another lot ferin there to Costa Rica.
Looking forward to it!