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Small win. I left the descale valve to the brew boiler and the hot water knob open overnight, but no water came out making me think that the boiler may have been empty this whole time. I had the idea of pulling out the heat exchange tube from the boiler and putting a straw in there to blow air in and listen for any bubbling. As soon as I removed the tube from the brew boiler, I heard water flowing out of the boiler and into the drip tray. There must have been a vacuum seal somewhere in the connection.


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It's quite common for the brew boiler to have an air lock that prevents draining. What I do to get around this is make sure the temperature readout on the display is between 60-70°C, and I open the brew boiler before the steam boiler because if you need to turn the machine on to heat the brew boiler it will fill the steam boiler back up. The steam boiler seems happy to drain cold. Doesn't actually matter the order you do them in.


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Hey guys, need some input. Helped a friend diagnose a pump failure issue so I went ahead replaced the pump. Pressure is back up to 10bar (I set it back down ;) but now I am noticing that every so often the water isn't following to build pressure? Just kinda pumps into place it seems or has a really slow ramp up. I just pulled a shot and half way through it sounded like the pressure cut off or something. I am noticing some wate build up below the steam boiler leaking in the chassis so I am half wondering if there is a short somewhere. I haven't taken a look at the Solenoid either so planning to take that out tomorrow. Any other thoughts would be helpful.
- Jean


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I've done some recent diagnostics on my BES920 that I'm trying to bring back to life and would love to hear some thoughts from those more experienced than me :)

Long story short. The machine was hissing and the brew boiler wasn't passing 60 degrees Celsius.
I have changed all the O rings, cleaned the solenoid valve and replaced the TRIAC board, but it still won't heat higher than 65 degrees.

When I open the descale valve the the steam boiler, water will drain into the drip tray, but when I do it to the brew boiler, nothing happens.
I opened the brew boiler descale valve and detached the heat exchange tube that links brew and steam boilers and the entire brew boiler drained into the drip tray.

When I turned the machine back on, it started heating but the brew boiler was not filling with water, so I switched it off immediately.

What am I missing? The steam boiler is reaching heat and produces steam, but the brew boiler stays lukewarm and is almost cold to touch.
Am I right in thinking my next step is to replace the brew boiler fuse?
There is also an Error 11 showing that's happened 8 times.
I thought that I could work this out, but am coming up stumped.