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level3ninja wrote:I can't help with finding a needle valve as I'm in Australia, but I think there's a good chance that what you're describing as the needle valve issue is actually caused by the leaking O rings.
Replaced the rings, no difference (except the leaking at those two points). Even just cracked it'll still ramp to normal pressure, the water debit w/o puck I can change, but pressure doesn't do anything. For about a week I could, just crack and hold at 3 bar, slowly bring to 9, than back to say 6 etc, now it's just 9 bar'ish no matter what. Replaced OPV, solenoid, no difference. This is almost as bad as the pos Profitec finally got rid of that replaced parts and still wouldn't work properly and two repair shops couldn't fig out either. I'm stumped.

If it's the needle valve will looks like we're sol as it's not available anywhere and even says discontinued almost everywhere which makes 0 sense as how is Breville still making machines than lol? Even ereplacment where I've bought for this and other machines.

Face palming myself for selling the Lucca and GS3 as couldn't plumb in temporarily and moved awhile back and needed smaller machine and moving again till new house is finished. Shoulda ghetto rigged a cart and tank and just said f' it and stuck wherever. Went Profitec only to end up with a pos (ironically had a number of people message me with similar issues and same they nor shops would figure out), got the Breville as I love my buddies Slayer (obviously lol) and now I'm 0-2 for machines...

Saw the Jake valve mod. But I don't have a 3d printer and my luck I'll have those parts done at a company and shipped and they'll be incorrectly sized, looks like some had to fix or mod the parts.


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Just thought I'd post on a steam problem I just fixed. My steam quality had been slowly deteriorating for months for no clear reason, and then finally the steam went completely south - pump running a lot and more water than steam. Turned out the wire on one of the probes was corroded and might actually have been completely detached at the end. Easy fix with an alligator clip. So likely it had a poor connection for some months and was the cause of the issue. Steam is back to being perfect now.

I manually descaled and replaced the small O-rings while I had the machine open, but the bigger rings I purchased were a bit too tall - couldn't push the probes down far enough to get the clip in. So I just gave up on those.


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Hi All,

I have a BES900BS/B at home that I have picked up from a friend of mine and I am learning about maintaining these machines thanks to the wealth of information thanks to Peter Russell at the start of this thread.

The short story is: When machine is turned on there is steam coming from the drip tray constantly.

So the machine was working fine with regards to coffee shots etc, however the steam pressure was low. I decided to do a full overhaul on the steam wand and clean out the scale by making a little jig up to loosen the really tight nut that was holding the wand on.

After doing this and reassembling the machine I decided I wanted to practice replacing the pressure gauge because a friend of mine has a broken pressure gauge. I figured I would give it a go on this machine I already had opened before trying on my friends machine.

To get the gauge back in the nuts were impossible to do with the shower head boiler in the way. So I removed it. In the process of doing this it broke the shower head NTC out of its thermal plaster. So I attempted to refit this using some thermal plaster from my local electronics shop.

After putting everything back together and letting the machine warm up I noticed that there is steam constantly coming from the drip tray and the water between the showerhead solenoid and the pipe manifold is bubbling. Some people on other forums have noted the brew boiler may not be regulating its temperature properly.

There is also a steam leak above the steam valve.

Any suggestions of where to start?

Also the machine is roughly 8 years old. I will be purchasing a set of size 007 AFLAS o-rings as suggested by others and replacing all orings. Is there any other suggested maintenance I should undertake while I have the machine open? I was thinking of doing a full descale and checking the water sensors?


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Replace all the o-rings on the steam side.
The bubbling water is in the blow off line. That indicates the 3 way solenoid is not seating tightly. Probably due to scale. It could probably be cleaned up. It can certainly be replaced.

That steam arm assembly showed some pretty severe scaling. What ever you do, do not run the descale program.


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Hi all,

Bought a 2nd hand BDB920 a couple weeks ago and ran into some issues recently. The only problem it had on purchasing was it needed a descale and it had a leaky steam wand, after fixing both of those issues it worked great for the next few days. I ran out of coffee for about 3 days and once I finally got some I pulled a good 1st shot, but when I tried to pull a 2nd one barely any water came from the grouphead. I tested the hot water tap and it had the same issue. After trying again later no water came out of either, but the group head would make a kind of pump sound every few seconds and I could see water almost coming out of the grouphead everytime it pumped.

I got a new solenoid and replace the old one and that seemed to fix it as water was now coming out of the group head + tap. However when I tried to pull a shot the next day the same thing happened again, no water out of either and the machine had heated up to 98 C (208f) I opened it up to check for leaks and found none. After letting it sit another few minutes it now stops at 93 C (199f) and dispenses water correctly but now has a very large rattling sound whenever the preinfusion ends.

I left the machine off for an hour and came back to it to see if anything had changed, turning on the grouphead the first time it sounded a little bit louder then normal but not too bad, the very next shot only a few seconds later and it was back to the rattling.

Video of first shot which was loud but no rattling:

Video of second shot with rattling:

I also had the lid up while pulling another rattling shot and there did not appear to be any leaks, also this whole time the steam wand has worked perfectly fine.


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The brew pump needs to be replaced. In the second video it sounds like it might be the OPV making the noise. In the first shot the lines aren't primed, the water that comes out at first is only coming out by gravity as the pump isn't running. In the second shot since the first shot primed the lines the pump can actually built pressure and reaches the OPV opening pressure. This is exactly what it looks like when a pump is failing. Eventually it will not pump at all.


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Oh I see, thank you for that!

Would it be possible that my solenoid valve is stil fine then? Unless it was a crazy coincidence that my solenoid valve failed then immediately after my pump died as well.

In regards to pumps I was wondering if this ... ctupt=true pump would work on the BDB 920 or if I would have to get something like this

I can't find the exact pump in the Breville mods and maintenance thread for a decent price in Australia but I also cant find any exact specifications for what the pump should be in regards to Volatage, watts and hz. Its more confusing as the 2nd pumped I linked which is meant to work for BDB's is different to the one on the other thread


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The solenoid often needs replacing around the same time as the pump. It might be ok (my gut says no) but personally I'd leave it now that you've done it. The pump hasn't suddenly failed just now. The way this type of pump fail is that over time they gradually are able to build less and less pressure. These pumps are treated at 15bar, but we restrict them down to around 10bar at the OPV. So until it can't build 10bar you won't even see a difference. Yours is a long way down the line and close to complete failure but not quite there. 5 years is a rough guide to life expectancy. The first sign we usually see is that they don't respond to preinfusion as well. With my old pump it wouldn't handle 55% preinfusion, changing it to 65% did nothing, at 75% it seemed normal. Then it stopped responding to any preinfusion and I replaced it. If your want a workaround until you receive the new pump, try turning preinfusion off. You may also need to prime the lines by running a full shot immediately before locking the PF in and starting your actual shot.

That first pump is fine (I'm in Aus too, $40 is pretty good). The Ulka EX5 is the right pump. There's some extra bits attached to make it a "genuine" Breville one, but they can be swapped off the old pump unless they've suffered mechanical damage (unlikely).


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Make sure the VAC rating matches with your current pump. The Saeco/Delonghi pump you linked is 24 VAC and the Breville pump you linked is 230 VAC(European).

I have a couple spare pumps for the US BDB. I'll check the voltage when I get home, but I think they are 110 VAC.


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Thanks for the reply, I had a look on the inside it says its an ULKA Model E Type EP5 240V 50Hz 48W. I actually ended up ordering this pump instead Everything matches up except its only 230V, would this be an issue still as it seems like ebay only sells 230V pumps. I've seen some 240V pumps from other suppliers but they are around double the price + shipping.