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razor488 wrote:I have a question about two things going on with my 18-month-old BDB even though the machine appears to be working.

The first is after the machine goes into standby mode, it intermittently makes the same sound as when you first turn the machine on. Also when in standby mode, there is a faint "hissing" sound coming from the machine sometimes.

Other than that, the machine seems to be working. I recently descaled the machine and I am sure there is some hard water buildup inside. I recently switched to the BWT penguin pitcher to avoid this.
You probably have an internal leak due to o-ring somewhere so that is the hiss. It is probably leaking enough steam inside when in standby mode that the boiler needs to refill which turns on the pump and hence the sound. I would open it up and take a look before the leak causes corrosion or plan to send it to Breville before the warranty expires.


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tompeij wrote:Not sure if any Canadians are looking for a replacement steam valve but after scouring the Al Gore for a few hours I found a local company that has them in stock at Genius Equipment in Burnaby. I just bought ($77CAD Shipped) one for my 920 and swapped it out. Works perfectly - no more leaks. Now I can rebuild the original one to swap out next time the drips start...
Thank you for this tip! Helps us Canadians a lot!

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#1393: Post by BobStern »

Is there a service menu that shows the number of hours the machine has been used?


#1394: Post by level3ninja »

No, only the number of shots of 8 seconds or longer


#1395: Post by BobStern »

Thanks. How do you access the menu that shows that?


#1396: Post by level3ninja »

From @pcrussell50:

"To get into the Fault Log settings for the BES920, do this:

Make sure machine switched off at control panel. Then, hold '1 cup' and '2 cup' buttons simultaneously for about 4 seconds before pressing 'on' button.

Press 'menu' button to display your current cup count divided by 10.

Please note there are slight differences in the UI and buttons to be pressed, depending upon which firmware has been installed in your machine.
The 'menu' button will toggle between seeing error codes and the current cup counter.

Press 'menu' button again to see error codes, then scroll through the number of occurrences of the error codes from 0 to 12, using 'up' and 'down' buttons.
eg. 01:02 will show that error code 01 has 2 occurrences
But most will be clear, like 01:00, 02:00 etc.
When 'ErSt' is displayed you have the option to clear the codes by pressing 'manual' button. This resets the error codes only, not the coffee cup counter.

At the end, press 'exit' button to exit this menu and start up the machine normally.

The error codes corresponding to 00 to 12 are:
00 Steam boiler NTC error
01 Steam boiler NTC error
02 Coffee boiler NTC error
03 Coffee boiler NTC error
04 Group head NTC error
05 Group head NTC error
06 No water in steam boiler
07 Water over flow condition in stem boiler
08 Coffee water flow failure
09 No water in coffee boiler detected at startup
10 Coffee NTC over temp
11 Steam NTC over temp
12 Group head NTC over temp"


#1397: Post by BobStern »

Thanks, Mike!

(Edit: deleted erroneous comment about newer firmware not dividing by 10.)

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#1398: Post by pats4eva »

Hi all,
My bes920 has a slight hiss typically when I turn it on first thing - I have popped the hood and can't see any evidence of leaks or moisture accumulating at the top of the machine and moving the tubes/fittings around on the steam boiler doesn't seem to do much. The hissing sound seems to go away after using the steam wand most of the time. Could it just be the anti-vac valve? Or normal operation (I have also removed the anti-vac valve and cleaned it but it didn't seem dirty).


#1399: Post by level3ninja »

Could out be coming from the steam wand? Mine does that a bit because I haven't gotten around to Reversing the PTFE washers in the steam valve. Opening and closing the steam valve usually fixes it.


#1400: Post by pats4eva »

Thanks @level3ninja - possibly. I just turned it back on to test but no hiss, seems like definitely a first switch on in the morning phenomenon only. Will report back.