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houseforus wrote:Peter, (or anyone) I finally got around to popping the lid off to see what was going on. Turns out two o-rings are leaking. Mainly it's the one on the left in the picture below. The one I've indicated on the right also leaks briefly on machine warmup. Thoughts of which size o-rings to use? I have a bunch from my old machine the 900, but not sure they're the right size.
The o-rings are the same size as the ones for te 900. Those two should both be the smaller of the two sizes. I'm sorry, I don't remember the actual #s.


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My 920XL had been producing hissing sound lately when the boilers were turned on. Steam fogged up the LCD screen, and condensation can be found on the top of the steam lever. When I opened the lid and turn on the machine, I could see bubbles coming form the dictated outlets in the picture. I replaced the o-ring with 007 size, and now the problem is gone completely. I hope this fix will last for 2-3 years. I bought a 920XL early 2016 and paid Breville to have a refurbished unit early 2019. The 920XL has been serving me well.

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The three beeps just means that the steam boiler is not up to temperature. The reason it is not up to temperature could be a few things. The most common one is that it takes longer than the brew boiler to heat up due to being larger and having a higher set temperature.


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driveopolis wrote:Im noticing a consistent phenomenon on my one week old BDB. After the machine warms up, I will find a drop of water on the tip of the hot water spout. If I wipe it off, another drop will slowly form. If I purge it by running some hot water, close the valve firmly and wipe the valve dry, it will stay dry for the most part if I continue to brew. Though I will still see a small drop of water form after my next shot. I do not get consistent drip-drip-drip during brewing which Ive seen videos of online of obviously failed needle valves.

Is this normal? Left over water in the plumbing downstream of the needle valve? Are your water spouts bone dry?

This mostly seems to be condensation and/or remaining water in the line and has been mentioned here before and I've also seen it on mine. As long as it is only a drop every now and then should not matter. Something that seems to help reduce this on mine is opening the valve after I have switched off the machine for the day to drain the water in the tube.


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Thanks. In the past two days I have discovered the same thing with experimentation. If I switch off the machine, then drain the water spout completely, it stays bone dry on the next warm up. I'm happy.


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My new water level probes are still sitting in LA (customs) so I got some high heat, food grade silicone sealant and put a bandaide on the steam boiler after replacing all the small o-rings. She's up and running, at least untill the new probes show up.


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I have a question about two things going on with my 18-month-old BDB even though the machine appears to be working.

The first is after the machine goes into standby mode, it intermittently makes the same sound as when you first turn the machine on. Also when in standby mode, there is a faint "hissing" sound coming from the machine sometimes.

Other than that, the machine seems to be working. I recently descaled the machine and I am sure there is some hard water buildup inside. I recently switched to the BWT penguin pitcher to avoid this.

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Steam boiler water level sensor probes arrived yesterday. 15 days from order to delivery from Australia to the U.S. and they were in COTUS most of that. Much better than I expected under the current conditions.

They are installed and all is right with my espresso world. Wish I could say the same about the real world!

BTW, Outwest Coffee Machines was great to work with and extremely accommodating. They fixed my order(my mistake) before shipping and their communications were exemplary.


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razor488 wrote:Also when in standby mode, there is a faint "hissing" sound coming from the machine sometimes.
First thing I would do would be to submerge the steam wand tip in water and look for bubbling. This will determine whether it's the Teflon washers in the valve as opposed to a boiler o-ring. A leaking steam valve can be dealt with at your convenience, whereas I would deal with a leaking boiler o-ring ASAP, as the moisture trapped inside the machine can do major damage.
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Not sure if any Canadians are looking for a replacement steam valve but after scouring the Al Gore for a few hours I found a local company that has them in stock at Genius Equipment in Burnaby. I just bought ($77CAD Shipped) one for my 920 and swapped it out. Works perfectly - no more leaks. Now I can rebuild the original one to swap out next time the drips start...