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flat4510 wrote:Anyone have recommendations for a portafilter funnel? I tried this one from Amazon but the ears of the PF were a little too high for it to sit flush against the basket, and when doing WDT lots of grinds would get suck between the gaps leaving a mess every time. ... UTF8&psc=1 ... UTF8&psc=1

This one works for me. It sits inside the basket though.

pcrussell50 (original poster)

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flat4510 wrote:Anyone have recommendations for a portafilter funnel? I tried this one from Amazon but the ears of the PF were a little too high for it to sit flush against the basket, and when doing WDT lots of grinds would get suck between the gaps leaving a mess every time. ... UTF8&psc=1
I have a Koonan funnel. Though mine looks different than the one in your Amazon picture. Mine fits right and is easy to use. It is this one: Espresso Dosing Funnel Stainless Steel ... UTF8&psc=1

Sorry the TOTAL CRAP iOS Amazon app does not generate links that work with iOS primary browser... Safari. I'll to wait until I get to a real computer to get you a link. Gonna be a few hours.

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I have an 8 - 9 year old BES900XL that has run into some trouble last week. The water flow through the group is very slow and it takes a very long time for the machine to build up pressure. I only get 55ml through the head after 90s and it takes about 30s to reach 9 bar with a blind portafilter disk. I've searched this forum for a while but could not find a post with a similar issue. I just replaced the pump because I thought that would be it, but sadly it wasn't. Flow through the hot water spout is fine (100ml in 14s).

I do have some small leaks here and there, but have had those pretty steady for a long time (years probably) without it impacting overall usability and happiness. I did purchase new o-rings, but would rather not waste time fixing leaks if there is something fundamentally wrong with the machine.

Really appreciate any help!




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As with any piece of mechanical equipment, you must eliminate the known, repairable issues to find the major problems. Eliminating the known issues(leaky o-rings) may eliminate the major issue. No guarantee there.

Unfortunately, Breville is not servicing the 900 series machines any longer. They will, reportedly give you a discount on a ne BES920XL in lieu of repairing the out dated 900. Not optimal but still an option.

If it were my machine, I'd invest in the o-rings and a few hours of my time to try the repairs. I've read a few reports of finding cracked elbows and the like that caused similar issues. I'd open her up, heat her up and take a real close look at the guts for water and steam leaks before I made a decision either way.

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What's more, once you eliminate leaks as a cause of low pressure, it's almost surely the pump or a solenoid. The pump can be bought from Amazon for about $40 and the solenoids about double that. Not that hard to replace.


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Is there a way to remove scratches from the stainless steel? I have quite few surface scratches around the tray cover and would love to remove them and restore back to original beauty of 4 month old BDB.


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Mother's Polish should do a fine job. Well, Mother's and a good bit of elbow grease!

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Hi Everyone, I have an old -900.
For the last few months it has had an intermittent fault where the main (brew?) pump will not come on properly and the boiler overheats.

This seems to happen after the machine has been at operating temperature for more than 30 minutes. Though the time and temp could be unrelated.

  • Machine is at temp and has pulled 1 or more shots no problem.
  • Go to pull another shot (using double button, but doesn't seem to matter)
  • Solenoid click. no pump noise.
  • temp increases
  • I normally cancel the shot and then try to force the pump by opening the hot water valve.
  • Sometimes after a few goes with the hot water valve, the pump comes good and we're off.
  • Generally the residual water in the brew boiler just 'bubbles' out of the hot water outlet when the pump doesn't run but I have the valve open.
  • Most times, if I leave the machine off for a period, let it cool down, it comes good.
I have just had another close listen now, machine has cooled down (~50c) and when I open the hot water valve, there is a faint/quiet pump noise at the rear of the machine. About 1/4 as loud as the 'normal' pump noise.

The intermittent nature of this, and the fact that the pump works perfectly 80-90% of the time has stopped me just replacing the pump.

Any ideas?


Turns out it was the pump. Thanks for the help.


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Just a WAG at this point:

From all I've read on these machines, the over heating or always heating symptom is usually caused by leaking o rings on the steam lines that wet the Triac board. I have not heard that this would effect the pump.

The only issue I have ever had with my BDB was when the pump would not kick in during pre infusion. This was intermittent and I could alawys get it to kick in by quickly cancelling and restarting the shot.


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Hi guys As my Bes920xl was working fine I bought it used. I replaced the o rings, reconditioned the steam wand, replaced the solenoid and adjusted OPV to 10.5 bars. Before it was leaking and buzzing. Just recently when pulling a shot it will go from 10.5 bars to like 9 or 8 which was a much larger drop than before. The puck was soggy before but now it's soggy with like an indentation in the middle of it. When I use a silicone stopper I get 10.5 bars of pressure. Peter mentioned if there is water before I stop the pump in the drip tray it's the solenoid and if there is no water until after I stop the pump it's the Pump. Do you mind clarifying how to diagnose a pump failure or OPV? I'm not sure what else to do for my machine thank you!