Breville Dual Boiler - Fault code help!

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#1: Post by Richie_Rich »

Hello all,

Been going strong for 5 years but yesterday is stopped.

I have the following codes:
ER 54

Any help in knowing wha these mean would be appreciated.



#2: Post by luvmy40 »

00 Steam Boiler NTC Error
01 Steam boiler NTC Error
02 Coffee boiler NTC Error
03 Coffee boiler NTC Error
04 Group head NTC Error
05 Group head NTC Error
06 No Water In Steam Boiler
07 Water over flow condition in steam boiler
08 Coffee Water Flow Failure
09 No water in Coffee Boiler detected at Boot Up
10 Coffee NTC Over temp
11 Steam NTC Over Temp
12 Goup Head NTC Over Temp


#3: Post by BaristaBob »

With these fault codes I'd pop the top and check for leaks. It appears all has not been going as well as you think. Something has been "brewing", pardon the pun, for sometime...54 times to be exact, especially around the brew boiler and flow from it. Could be brew pump failure, but normally their failure comes on slowly.
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Richie_Rich (original poster)

#4: Post by Richie_Rich (original poster) »

Well I'll be honest it's been a slow decline of the poor machine this year.

Preinfusion stopped working. Needed to run the water tap otherwise no water went in for 10 sec.

So the numbers of the fault ie 8;64 is it the 8 not the 64 that matter?

Thanks in advance.



#5: Post by mcudogs »

With the over temperature errors I'd look at the triac board. Does the machine stay hot if you leave it turned on at the power outlet but turned off on the front panel?