Breville Dual Boiler BES920 - Replaced solenoid, now no pressure

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Hi, our trusty Dual boiler was making an awful sound which appeared to be a solenoid issue, the machine is about 5 years old. It appeared easy to fix so I ordered a spare and replaced it thanks to some youtube videos, all seemed to go smoothly. Machine appears to be working fine, gets upto temp as before, steam wand steaming and water coming through the group head without a basket in place. So loaded up my basket, pressed the button but the needle doesn't move and zero water makes it through the basket into my cup. Any ideas what may have gone wrong?

****SOLVED**** I am a tool, never replaced the white values when I swapped the solenoids over


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Lock in your pf with the blind and check your pressure reading...should be 9 to 10 bars constant. Report back.
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Hi Bob, sorry what do you mean by Blind, thats just a basket with no holes? I am currently running a clean cycle which would effectively be blind? I notice a small amount of water leakage towards the back right of the group head on the cleaning cycle but zero pressure needle movement

Cleaning cycle finished, just run a normal shot with the cleaning adapted in the basket and again no pressure

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You separated the top part of the solenoid from the bottom by removing 4 screws and you replaced the top part of the valve and the black electrical coil part, right?

When you put the new valve top in, were you careful to line up the water path holes in the new top part of the valve with the water path holes in the base?

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Yep thats the part I replaced. The water path holes I assume are the 2 protruding needle things underneath, I didn't take care in lining them up as assumed I could only screw the top part down if they were lined up correctly.

I'll open the top again shortly, would I expect to see some leakage around the value if its not set correctly?

edit - taken the top off and it is very wet underneath (the top). There was also water underneath the machine, appears to be dry around the solenoid I replaced! There is also quite a bit of water in the back left of the machine above where the water tank is so some leak is happening. What have I done to my machine :( Am I going to have to ninja replace it before the wife gets home!

edit 2 - run the machine with the back grill off, leak is coming out from underneath the solenoid, the part that I screwed it into. It appears to be on tight.

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And I am a numpty, I never replaced the white value things from the old one to the new one!! Thanks for those that helped

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Glad you got it sorted. Thanks for updating us. Cheers!