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Michael Robson

#291: Post by Michael Robson »

Hi there, this is my first time posting but I have had a BES 920 XL for years and am well versed in service to keep it running. I have found the identical steam valve under a different part no. see link below. ... 75268.html

I purchased and installed this valve on my machine and it works perfectly. From what I can tell it's the same part for a different model so was assigned a different part no.

I have also had good luck with servicing the steam valve. It's quite easy to pull it apart. Common issues can be fixed:

Replace o-rings to the actuator fitting
Reverse the ball so the deteriorated/corroded side is facing down
Put small stainless washers under the teflon ball seals to tighten them up.

If you are having trouble with the fittings on the top of the boilers leaking(apparently pretty common) replacement o-rings are available at: ... o-rings-6/

The correct sizes are dash numbers 060 and 010.

I hope this helps, I am happy to answer questions.


#292: Post by rmn »

Hi all, I am one of the FB marketplace buyers of BDB "in great condition" tl;dr, it wasn't.

I already purchased a replacement for the steam ball valve complete unit. I also noticed the o'rings are missing where the ball valve meets the steam wand and unfortunately original parts are out of stock/discontinued in the online stores.

Can anyone share the dimensions/numbers of the following o'ring so that I can purchase replacements?
- SP0001706 Seal For Ball Joint Bearing ... 10538.html

Also looking for advice on where this o'ring should be placed.

Thanks in advance.


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By chance has anyone located a refurb kit for the steam valve? Ie - 2 steam pom amd a steam valve tap o ring.

I've flipped the steam poms but would like to install new poms and also replace the tiny o ring for the steam tap on the steam valve which is leaking.

Realise I could just replace the valve, but thats no fun!