Breville BES920 "DE-SCALE!" descaler message bug fix

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Lynton the budsy

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Problem: The descale indicator ("DE-SCALE!") continues to appear on the LCD screen after completion of the de-scale procedure. Every time the machine is powered on, DE-SCALE! appears on the LCD screen while the water is being heated.

Comment: This is a firmware bug. @gr2020 has reported it with model BES920XL, I have the problem with model BES920. The problem occurs throughout the BES/BEP920 series and other models.
Breville doesn't acknowledge the problem. Opening a support ticket or contacting the call centre is unlikely to be helpful.

The solution: As suggested by @gr2020 the solution is to do a software reset. Unfortunately the user manual is not clear on this procedure, and the overall process is unintuitive. I needed 4 attempts and I'm still not sure what I did in the 4th attempt that was different, nonetheless here are my instructions.

1. Begin with the machine turned off.

2. With the machine turned off, press and hold the 1CUP button, then press and hold the POWER button (thus pressing both together) for 3 seconds, rSEt will appear on the LCD screen.

3. Press the MENU button. the button backlights will flash 3 times to confirm you are in reset mode. Hrd3 will appear on the LCD screen. Hrd3 is a prompt to set the water hardness, you can ignore it.

4. Press the EXIT button and wait until the current boiler temperature appears on the LCD screen. The DE-SCALE! message should have disappeared. The process is now completed. You can press the POWER button to turn off the machine, or simply leave power on for a celebratory cuppa.