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#31: Post by paulbalogh »

Hi everyone,

First of all this thread saved my Sage Barista when the leaking affected the overall pressure. It was this elbow that was leaking seriously. Thank you all for your advice. I want to share my experience:

- I bought a metal, food-grade, elbow from eBay
- my Solenoid (the black one) allowed for the unscrewing of the connector and I could very easily screw in the metal piece
- contrary to some of the advice on this forum, I did not have to cut the metal part of the little white pipe connecting the top side of the elbow. I only had to (1) remove (extract) the metal tip, (2) unscrew / remove the metal ring, (3) put back the metal tip
- this allowed me to insert the pipe (metal tip and all) in the elbow and the push-in worked its magic
- you can do this far easier if you first disconnect the other end of the pipe and connect it back at the end

Checked everything and no more leaking. Good luck to everyone!


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#32: Post by tomatwalden »

Hi all,

Hello from 2023 and the next person to hit this problem! I've taken apart my Sage Express and can see leaking from exactly the same elbow joint. Can I ask, how easy is it to fix this yourself? Sage have just quoted me £199 for them to look at it, but this thread has got me thinking perhaps I can do this myself!

I guess you need to remove the whole solenoid assembly to get at that elbow? Is that too difficult - and what about putting it all back together? This isn't my normal comfort zone although I'm not a complete dunce with a screwdriver!

Also, is there a recognised best/easy replacement that's available in the UK?

PS : Mine is a BES875 (I'm assuming later model of BES870?) if that makes a difference (more to the point, it's the plastic solenoid base model, so I guess metal replacements won't work?)

Thanks in advance! - Tom

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#33: Post by Olivesdad »

My turn! I have the Breville BES840XL Infuser. Bought it on Amazon Oct 2019. Mine has plastic valve bodies so the steel elbow alone isn't going to fix it. So I ordered the metal solenoid valve train but it's on backorder. So is the plastic replacement elbow. But after scrolling thru the parts on ereplacement. I noticed the pressure gauge has an elbow that looked like the lower one. Well, it's exactly like the other one. It's installed and already tested it in the picture. You can see what the old one looks like also, and the rusted base plate. :twisted:
This did not have to be. That metal union is why this failed. Look at the discoloration on the steam tube fitting on top of the solenoid. It's destined to fail for the same reason. Dissimilar materials.
My machine is temporarily back in service. When the metal parts show up I'll switch them out and clean up the rust when all the parts get here. Hopefully soon.

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#34: Post by rabeuzao »

Thank you all so much for this amazing forum thread.
This will not only save $750 USD but also my marriage.
My wife just said "I've seen you fixed everything but this one I doubt it".
I've got the plastic solenoid base too. BES870XL bought in Canada in 2018. Probably at least on the 10k shots. We've been cleaning and descaling religiously and here we are. They offered repair for $300 USD including shipping.
Elbow was leaking pretty bad and all the connections were loose, also inside the crappy elbow the plastic is broken. Trying to replace the rings no luck. Just ordered the replacement but not when it will ship. Tomorrow I'm shopping around all the specialized plumbing stores in the area. Will post end result

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#35: Post by rocketdog »

Hi MassiveToe,

I am going with the McMaster Carr elbow piece replacement as well.
Did you have to buy gaskets separately?
Thanks so much for sharing this helpful information!

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#36: Post by Boazz »

Model in which I am referring to is the - Truffle BES870BTR4IAN1. May still be relevant to other models

Hello everyone, I too have had the issue of the solenoid elbow leaking. After doing some research and looking around for what's available I have since fixed it. I replaced the old plastic elbow for a stainless steel one. Here is a link for the exact one I bought ( ... bsp-thread) . If your buying it from a different site make sure it's capable of 16 or more bar of pressure. As well as being a 4mm push tube fit on one end and having a male 1/8 BSP thread on the other. Buying a elbow like this will screw straight into the solenoid and therefore will remove the metal adaptor just before the plastic elbow. Make sure you keep this metal adapter as it might come in handy due to some of the other plastic parts breaking down and this can be used as a replacement. When installing the new elbow make sure to cut the metal ring off the tube going into the elbow because the new elbows have a self locking mechanism whereas the plastic elbows require a clip. Another tip when installing the new elbow is to put some Teflon tape on the fitting to ensure a leak-free connection. If you want to be 100% sure then you could go down to your local hardware store and buy some rubber washers to suit. This is what I have done and haven't had a problem.
Good luck to all and I hope I was able to help. :D :wink:

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#37: Post by alanyuen »

samjam91 wrote:Hey had the same problem myself on a 3 year old machine, sorry if this is a bit late but may help someone else. I switched the old cracked plastic elbow for a food grade metal 16bar high temperature rated elbow. Size is 4mm push fit to 1/8 bspp ... 2749.l2648 make sure you get a high temp and correct pressure rating or it may explode or the seals will fail quickly.
Having previously ordered replacement O-ring's which only reduced leaking, I tried my google-fu and it took me here.
In Oct 2023 the link still works, and I have the same problem, also made an account to join the club.
I've just ordered one, so in the new few works days I expect the apart to arrive,

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#38: Post by rettah »

Just signed up as I've joined the elbow club!
Waiting for parts and just wanted to say thanks to everyone and keep this thread going.

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#39: Post by stefano65 »

There is a style of quick connect (that we carry as other vendors)
that can be use to retrofit and they do not require the o-ring and clip
push in only
there are in various sizes for both the tubing and the male female BSP fitting side.
Stefano Cremonesi
Stefano's Espresso Care
Repairs & sales from Oregon.

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#40: Post by rettah »

Sadly, having got the new parts installed I think the electronics must have been damaged as the 3 way solenoid valve is constantly buzzing. I had to replace this as the old one was completely fried - To the point of the casing bulging. I had quite a lot of water leakage which must have occurred over a long period of time as there was a fair bit of corrosion on the steel parts. I suspect the two combined have damaged something on the main board.

Sage have offered me 30% of a new machine so I'll probably upgrade to the barista pro.