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#21: Post by dust »

Welp, i'm in the same "leaking elbow" club now.
My one cracked after ~6 years of daily use. Condensed steam from the crack makes a small puddle underneath it, which seems to short something, as it triggers GFCI outlet.

samjam91, appreciate you guidance on replacement parts.

I'm about to order these for replacement: - replacement for an elbow - replacement for a small plastic vertical tube coming our of solenoid, my one is leaking as well. Unfortunately they do not have push-to-connect to Female, so i'm adding this to connect it to solenoid as it has male connector.

all these parts are stainless steal 316, which seems to be considered as a good option for food
rated for 250 psi, which is higher than default and I hope it's enough
rated for high temp

not an ads for the mcmaster, but their catalog genuinely impressed me, it's actually usable in terms of filters and product descriptions

I installed parts and they seem to be working fine, I see no leaks when steam is running (that was the original symptom).
I had to cut original plastic tubes endings so they can fit Push-to-Connect fitting, the connection works like a charm.
The elbow and vertical tube I bought are not not BSPP threading, but universal. Hence the sealing is done by gaskets between parts.


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Well.... It looks like I'm part of this exclusive club too.
Purchased mine on Black Friday 2015, so close to a 7 year run without problems.

I'll be picking up a bag of 007 O rings tomorrow (bag of 100 for $3), and will keep my fingers crossed.
Should I consider replacing other gaskets, or leave things be?
As far as I can tell, this is the only leak.

If needed, I've found a Male elbow 4mm OD x 1/8 BSPT.
Unfortunately, it is backordered, and will only be available mid October (decent price, local pickup).

While leaking, the machine is still functional.
If the problem turns out to be the elbow, sure hope it remains functional despite leaking.
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