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I think those tubes are the same size as the ones in the Breville dual boiler. There should be red (silicone) #007 o rings in there that seal the tube to the elbow. If you replace that there is a good chance that you'll be back in business.

I used to have one of these machines and I think the other end of that elbow seals with an o ring too. If so, replace it too.

Good luck. ... 991&sr=8-3

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Keaco wrote:How did this workout for you?
The machine is working well and making great coffee. Very happy! Easy to install the part as well.
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I just wanted to thank you for your awesome cure for that leaky plastic elbow. I purchased the part you mentioned (I ordered two from the UK - just in case). It did leak the first time, but that was my fault for not pulling out the sleeve on the fitting. A minor correction and all was great except for my machine kept flashing filter cup size. That took awhile to troubleshoot until I realized that I forgot to twist the hopper in place to activate the magnetic switch LOL! Remember that one people. Anyways got espresso again. Wife is extremely happy. I just can't take the credit. That belongs to you. Thanks again!!!

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Don't normally post on these things, but I think link was the perfect fix for the crappy plastic elbow. Mine has completely degraded internally, so I purchased the stainless steel 4mm to 1/8 bspp elbow. It's all fitted please see photos attached. Thank you for putting the effort in to post on these forums, makes life easy for people like me.

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I had exactly the same problem with the elbow joint and have replaced with the metal one, it was a great fix. However does anyone know of a replacement part of the plastic tubing (I belive called the elbow tube) coming out of the solenoid valve? Mine it leaking and I wanted to see if that could be replaced with a metal part too. I have hopefully included a photo of the part

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Hi ash24

It is amazing you could fit that one in, would you mind posting the link where I could be able to get that metal elbow.

Really appreciate it, happy new year to everyone.

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Unfortunately, in my case I have different solenoid base, so I can't use this metallic elbow.
Any ideas? Thanks

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Hi, have you found a solution to the leak from the vertical tube coming out of the solinoid? Hard to find a replacement part. Just wonder if there is a way to seal it tighter. The tube on my machine looks fine, really just like your in the picture.


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Really interesting this upgade!
I've not investigated my leak fully yet but the horizontal white plastic T pipe between the Solonoids leak a little, I only purchased machine this week secondhand, so I'm new to this particular model. I've ordered some silicone o-rings in case it's that simple but reading through this it could be the plastic itself.

I was wondering if this is a replaceable pipe if needed, even with a metal one like the elbows above?

Also I have steam condensation in the pressure gauge glass, pipes to it are all tight and minor, it's annoying to see. How on earth do I get to the rear screws/nut holding it in the control panel? I can't work out how to lift the control panel out to gain access.

Wondering if there are comparable gauges with other brands, I can't seem to see a sage one reasonable priced in the UK. Sage seem to have all their parts tightly controlled.

Thank you.