Breville Barista Pro stops extracting after 5 seconds

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This is the 3rd time this month when my BBP misbehaves.

The behavior is this: you pull a shot (auto or manual) and after 3 seconds the preinfusion stops and the pump suddenly kicks in to full for 2 seconds and then the machine gives 3 beeps.

I tried restarting, resetting to default. Nothing. I tried a flush and descale and the problem went away for 1 week. Until yesterday when it came back.

I tried again restarting and resetting. Nothing. Same behavior: 3 second preinfusion and 2 seconds max pressure and then 3 beeps.

A few hours later the machine works ok again.

So any of you have an idea about what's going on? Googleing this Barista Pro 5 seconds issue led me to quite a few threads with this problem (also on youtube). Still I am a bit lost on what is happening.

Did any of you had this issue and found a fix?


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I don't have a Barista Pro or a manual for it, but wouldn't stopping and beeping three times sound like it's reporting an error?

And if descaling it helped id for a week, my assumption is it's reporting a water flow error. It runs at full pressure, doesn't see the flowmeter reporting and beeps "No Flow"...

I would descale the flowmeter (or the whole brew circuit) and see if it fixes it again for at least a short time. Then replace the flow meter if it fixed it but it fails again.

Is your water exceptionally soft or is there any reason to believe it can't possibly be calcium stuck in or moving in the system?

I assume that the water actually IS flowing through the brew circuit when this happens and that the flowmeter is just incorrect for the above opinion, if the water is NOT flowing, then the machine would be correct for a "No Flow" beep, and the issue is probably a blockage.

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floppyrom (original poster)

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I think you're right. This seems to be the conclusion from the others experiencing this problem.

What do you think lead to this issue? I had the machine since October 2020 and i used it like 2 times per day.

Can it be the water I use? I use normal tap water. I also descaled it and cleaned it twice since october (when the machine indicated it to me)


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It could be the water, other than areas around southern Ontario, I have no idea what local tap water water is like. A lot of cities post their target goals for their tap water, measuring it shows when they're achieving it and when they aren't. ... 0-AODA.pdf

More likely, because it's a very new machine, it's a bad/cheap part. If the descaling doesn't fix it, finding the problem will be less simple. Flowmeter itself? Electronics? Hard to trace water damage from a hard to find with the machine off leak? etc.

Take advantage of the fact that it's under warranty. If your water is good, let Breville take care of the problem.

floppyrom (original poster)

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I ordered this water test kit

And I will get a replacement machine soon from them.