Breville Barista Pro having long extraction time.

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I'm new to the forum. New to the espresso machine.

My Breville Barista Pro came in yesterday. Read the manual. Did everything suggested, and some more. Finally got to a point, I'm getting espresso close to how I like it.

Here are the settings:
Top burr: 3
Grinder: 14
Bean: 18 g using dosing cup.
Warming the cup and PF right before extraction.

It takes 67 sec to extract 45 ml or so. Taste isn't bad. Crema is nice. But 67 sec? My understanding is I should shoot for 27 - 30 sec. It seems 67 sec is too long?

I tried coarser setting, but then the taste is off. And much more output.

Any suggestions?

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Some progress.

Top burr: 4
Grind: 15
Beans: 18 g

Extraction at 38 sec, but the volume is almost twice 36 g.

Was gonna test grind at 14, but ran out of beans. I need to ask the cafe guys how old the beans are. No date stamp. They are a local roaster that does good business.

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Figured it out. Shoot for the output and ballpark range for the time.

Key to figuring this is a scale. Since 18 g is the input, output should be 36 g. Use a scale under the cup and weight the espresso coming out. When it at 36 g, stop the machine and check the time. If it's within 27 - 30 sec, you are in range. If it's way off, you need to narrow it down more.

I put the top burr back to 6. With that, used the grinder setting at 7. Load 18 g in the hopper and grind till all the beans are out. It gave 36 g at 28.5 sec. Tried grinder setting at 6. That took 51 sec for 36 g and tasted off.

Used Illy medium roast. Didn't like the local roaster's bean and didn't feel like driving an hour to another roaster.