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Postby marchese_alexander » Apr 17, 2019, 8:41 am

Going back to default settings did nothing. I tried the steps of holding the button for a re seconds and the pressure builds up quicker and with less dripping, but still getting that dark extract at the beginning but less. Gonna have to keep playing with it and try fresher beans next.


Postby Stanford55 » Apr 17, 2019, 1:24 pm

I'm curious to know how this turns out. If I may recommend some beans w/ grind settings, I've had very good results with this: ... -red-queen

Good chocolate flavors but the dried berry definitely shines through at the end to balance the cup. It is syrupy so be prepared for that. I've got the top burr set at '2', side adjustment in the 5-9 range (usually coarser to start then finer as the beans age).

Good luck


Postby rg60614 » Today, 12:27 am

I've been using Intelligentsia black cat beans with this machine and the results have been great. I would reset the settings, use freshly roasted beans, weigh them, and then see if you're still getting the same results.