Breville Barista Express cleaning function not working properly

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Hi there,
I am hoping someone can help, with what is no doubt a user problem and nothing to do with my coffee machine being faulty!

I bought a Breville Barista Express back in June, however I have never been able to get the cleaning function to work automatically. The instruction manual & the million YouTube videos all demonstrate how you need to hold the 1 cup & 2 cup buttons down, simultaneously, along with the power button for approx. 10 seconds, it should then (in theory) go into auto-cleaning function, where the water (from a full tank) will flush through the machine. However it just seem to not work for me! It simply turns the machine on, as though all I have done is put the power button on.

As a result, the only way for me to clean the machine is to run multiple 2 cups worth of water through, over and over, which takes upwards of 45 mins to flush a water tank through the machine - not ideal!!!! However it has been successful in that the 'clean me' light does switch off.

However the 'clean me' light came back on again a few weeks ago, I have tried running my manual (2 cup constant flush) cleaning cycle through twice now and also gone through the same process with de-scaling solution, however the light will not go out.

I have used Breville cleaning products exclusively.

Can anyone advise firstly on how to actually get the cleaning cycle to run through automatically? Second on how to get the light off, I obviously want to ensure I am caring for my machine, so hopefully just getting the cycle working properly will solve all my problems!

Feel free to message if you need more info from me.
Thanks so much!


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Did you ever get your issue resolved? Try pushing the buttons with the machine turned on. Also try pushing the buttons one at a time (but still relatively fast) from right to left (double, single, power). If the clean light starts flashing, its doing its thing, even if no water is coming out. If the machine is cold it has to come up to temp to run the cleaning cycle with hot water. My barista express is about 6 years old and I always forget how to clean it. I usually fumble my way through it every other month or so.