Breville 920XL continuous refill sound

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#1: Post by Valo_Soul »

Hi everyone,

My Breville Dual Boiler started exhibiting an odd issue tonight right after running a cleaning cycle with Cafiza. The machine now makes an almost constant sound as if it's refilling the boilers. There's no visible water running into the drip tray... so it doesn't seem to actually be spilling out in any way. It's just constantly running like it's trying to refill itself.

If I remove the water tank, the sound immediately stops. The instant I put the tank back in, it begins again. This is the newest version of this machine, although no longer under warranty.

Please help :(

Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

Well, it could be that the steam boiler is low and the machine's trying to refill it but can't because there's a clog. Does it get good, softened water?
If you ground the probe, does the pump stop? Can you feel magnetism at the boiler-fill solenoid with a ferrous screwdriver?

It could be there's a leak and the electronics are steamed up and crazy. Is there moisture in the housing?