Brand New La Marzocco GS3 AV - Crazy!

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So, I got my GS3 delivered yesterday on 5 Oct. 22. unboxed it, set it up on my counter, filled the reservoir, plugged it in, turned on the power in the back to the unit, heard the pump going and watched to see if the temp was advancing on the display....waiting, waiting,,, changes to the temp. so I peeked into the reservoir and none of the water had filled the boilers..looking at the clear hose it was not suctioning water. I was like wtf? brand new machine out of the, I took the side panel off and low and behold, the brass bolt to the water line was unscrewed completely from the rotary pump. Who the hell QC'd this? Anyhoo, hooked it up, powered it back on and it filled the boiler as I bled the top of the group head of air till I got a bit of water out of the top. Jut had to vent! Kind of ruined the wonderful feeling I was expecting. The instructions kind of suck by the way. You actually have to go on the net to see how to program the buttons. I was used to my Silvia pulling manual shots based on time and volume. None o f this weighing your shots stuff....that's new to me.. anyoo... off my soapbox now and back to focusing on pulling shots correctly...thanks for listening :roll:

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Reservoir? GS3 and your aren't plumbing-in? Hopefully you can find water close enough to run a line, even if it's running however many yards you need to to get water to your great machine. Glad you got it sorted, and enjoyed your "vent."

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I could plumb it with one of my Shur-Flo pumps pulling from a 5 gallon jug of treated RO water but, I'm happy with the reservoir setup. I've already taken over a good portion of the wife's counters and only pull a few shots a day. Any pointers on programming the buttons? I figured the first one on the left is single shot which I don;t care about, the second I assume is for a double(14 G) third oversized double (17G) fourth button for a triple shot(21 G) now just waiting for my naked portafilter to show up anyhow. looking forward to getting acclimated to it soon.

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Bobo992 wrote:Any pointers on programming the buttons?
Welcome to HB!

You can program the buttons however you like.

Just prep your portafilter and lock in, then hold down the Fn button until it says "select doses" or something to that effect. Then press the button you want to program one time and it will begin the shot. Press the same button a second time to stop the shot at your desired weight/volume and you're done.

You can program the tea button the same way. The only difference is that the tea button is truly timed and the coffee buttons are measuring the amount of water that passes the flow meter. Otherwise the process is the same.


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Thanks for the tips Jake! Can't wait to mess with it in the morning! Had to run off to work( I work swings) before I could really mess with it...thanks again! Back in the day when I had a GB5, it was just me a stopwatch and shot glasses....LOL! My how things have evolved! Cheers!

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Is it possible to pull shots by feel without programming the buttons to a specific volume?

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I think that's what I did when I couldn't figure out how to program the buttons. I loaded up my 21 gram basket in the portafilter, hit the double button and manually ended the shot at 38 seconds into my cappuccino cup and got my usual volume. It tasted great so, I'd say yes, I could just do it that way but, withe the programming feature, I'm looking to knock down one more variable(my stopwatch).

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drH wrote:Is it possible to pull shots by feel without programming the buttons to a specific volume?
The Fn button is the manual start/stop button. That gets the most use in my house. :mrgreen:
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Well I pushed myself to plumb the machine to my shur-flo pump and pull my water from a 5 gallon jug of RO water treated with 2 tsps of calcium chloride for a low threshold of hardness and no more "refill tank" problems that I was having if I jarred the drip tray a bit, it would lose the connection to the tank....sheesh! The other issue I had with the machine was they forgot to put the programming manual in the box....had to get it online at a site that carries all sorts of manuals.....another sheesh! Stand by for more rants until I'm happy! 8)


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Memorize these! Made my life easier once I figured out I didn't have to dig into the menus to change temps :)

Don't feel so bad, I'm still on the tank.