Brand New ECM Synchronika - Brown water from steam boiler

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#1: Post by Espresso33 »

I followed the installation instructions on my brand new Synchronika. Emptied out the steam boiler after filling. Water was as brown as the homebarista banner at the top of this site. Is this normal? Or something to worry about?

And what could it be?

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#2: Post by Nunas »

Not normal! I'd flush it a couple of times and if it does not come out crystal clear, call the dealer.

Espresso33 (original poster)

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Is it rust? I cant really think of anything else it could be.

Water seems pretty clear now. It was only the first time i emptyed the boiler

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BaristaBoy E61

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Acknowledging that you said it's 'brand new' but was it an opened box unit or something else?
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Espresso33 (original poster)

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The original tape seal was broken, but just to put the receipt in from the seller. Machine looked brand new with a mirror polish. Serial number says it made like 30 days ago. So i mean it could ofc be used before. But that would have to be an really elaborate scam, changing serial number and everything.