Bottomless portafilter leaking at the grouphead (Lelit)

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Hello Everyone. This is my first post in this forum. I just recently started taking my coffee more seriously.

1 month ago I purchased the Lelit Victoria PL91T (this is my first experience with Espresso Machine). Was able to pull decent tasting shots out of it with everything stock (10+ bar pressure. 15g in, 30g out in ~25 seconds). Then, a week ago I purchased the Lelit Bottomless porta filter PLA580W, in hope that it makes it easier to identify defect in puck preparation. But....

It does not work :( . It just always leak from the edges. I could not get a good seal between the PF and group head gasket I assume. So far I've tried the following but nothing solve the problem:
- with double basket PLUS (came together with the bottomless PF) - leak
- with double basket (came with the machine) - leak
- with blind basket (came with the machine, and also another generic one) - leak
- all the above + tighten the PF as much as possible (almost to 5 o'clock position, which I worry I'm going to break the machine) - still leak

Grind setting (I'm using the Mignon Manuale) and dose remains constant. When I switch back to the original PF that came with the machine (about 6 o'clock position) and using the same baskets as above, everything works perfectly. I tried to compare the height, surface, etc., of the 2 PFs but could not find any noticable difference. I'd be surprise if it's problem with the gasket since this machine is totally new.

Any idea what am I doing wrong? Any suggestions are welcomed.

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It looks like that portafilter is guaranteed to work for the Mara and Bianca.

The PLA580V should work with the Victoria for sure. But I'd contact Lelit to verify that the PLA580W does not work on the Victoria.

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Perhaps you might need a new Group Gasket if it's leaking from the perimeter of the group/portafilter.
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calvinboey (original poster)

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Thank you all for the response & suggestions.
After checking with Lelit Care Support, it was confirmed that the PLA580W should work with Victoria (it's supported/tested), and I was adviced to get the portafilter replaced. So, I got a replacement, and happy to say that most of the problem is gone. If I overtighten the porta filter by a bit, I am able to get it working perfectly without any leakages.