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Hi everyone

Im having trouble with my Izzo Duetto III espresso machine. It has been "boiling over" for over a year now, and I cant seem to figure out what the problem is.

It started spitting steam and water out of the tube from the OPV, which normally goes to the bottom and in to the tray. Since I ones pulled it out from there, and couldnt get it back in, Ive had it running to the tank. Which in it self is not a problem!

But that it is constantly boiling I dont understand. Ive replaced to OPV ones, but that didnt help.

Ill see if I can add a video later.


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BaristaBoy E61

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Welcome to HB Brian

Might it be that the OPV needs to be cleaned, O-ring cleaned or replaced and re-adjusted? The silicone hose should be easily rethreaded through the bottom of the machine to the drip tray with the top covers and bottom plate removed.
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Is the OPV the problem, or is it the vacuum breaker valve? Sounds more like the latter from the symptoms described. Sometime the vacuum breaker valve fails to close when it should (i.e. at the water's boiling point) resulting in exactly the excessive discharge into the tray. :?

Højmark (original poster)

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The OPV has been cleaned, serviced, and in the end replaced. Didnt bring anything. That vacuum breaker it might be. Ill give that a hit with the hammer. Haha

Højmark (original poster)

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Thats it! It was the vacuum breaker valve. You made my day. This has kept me sleepless for way too long. Thanx thanx thanx.