Bezzera Mitica pump pressure

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#1: Post by santo1951 »

I have recently purchased a BEZZERA MITICA TOP or milano.
I have connected the water line my question is concerning the pump pressure, when pulling a shot the dial indicates a pressure of 11, I understand ideal its 9 bars. Can anyone provide guidance, is it a problem? The seller has assured me its not a problem but i have also been told that its not good.

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#2: Post by OpenSource »

Bezzeras are set to 11 bars based on the Milanese rational for brewing and the grouphead pressure during brewing is definitely less.

Nothing to worry about just grind finer.

If you prefer light roasted coffees and your recipes are as such, have in mind to lower it to about 10-9,5 bars once the warranty is over (or if your reseller can do it now without void of warranty).

You can also purchase a flow of control kit at some point and you will never worry about this again!