Bezzera Matrix/Duo Panel Issues

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Postby tglodjo » Jul 13, 2018, 9:40 pm

Anyone else have a Bezzera Matrix or Duo yet? I've had mine for a few days and have been waiting to write up my initial impressions. But for the past day or so, I've had issues with the front panel.

It keeps beeping randomly as if it's registering a phantom touch. I have it programmed for on/off, which means I do not switch the machine off, but instead it goes to standby and turns off the boilers. When it's on, it beeps and opens the menu as if someone touched the panel. If it's in standby, it comes out of standby as if someone touched the panel. This makes scheduling on/off useless because when it's "off" (in standby), it quickly comes back on.

Anyone else have one of these machines yet? If so, are you experiencing this issue? I've contacted 1st-Line about it, but since it's the weekend, I doubt I'll hear anything for a few days.