Bezzera BZ99S - Show me under the hood

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Picked up a very cheap second hand Bezzera BZ99, with a pump issue. Thought I'd buy it and make it a project.

The previous owner started taking things apart and that's what I've got to start with!

Anyone have one of these machines and able to click a couple pics of what everything looks like inside? Component location and wiring... wiring is going to be the tricky on to figure out. I've downloaded a diagram found on the net, hopefully its correct, but a couple pics will also come in handy as relays have been removed and jumped, a couple wire are just off and others only connected at one end!

Rebuilt a couple small Gaggias which I enjoyed, so hoping for the same here

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I have one which has a Gicar controller problem I am trying to repair.

alouette3 (original poster)
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Brilliant, thank!

Waiting for a replacement transformer to arrive so I can repair my electronic unit, then some time to actual work on it

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Livia 90s were essentially duplicates of the Bz99, so any pics and info on them should apply to your unit.
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