Bezzera Aria PID accidentally ran pump for long time. Damage?

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Hi there, wonder if anyone can help.

I recently purchased a Bezzera Aria PID this is my first E61 style machine and made a huge mistake this morning.

After use I always flush the group and steam after turning the machine off as I want to maintain it as best I can.

When I turned the machine on to heat up I didn't realize I'd left the group lever up causing the pump to be engaged and the flow control completely closed for around 30mins.

When I returned to use it was radiating heat and smelled like burning.. I immediately flushed the group and removed the top cover to vent as much as possible.

Everything seems to still work ok but I'm very concerned I may have caused damage, I couldn't see anything obvious from looking down into the internals and performance doesn't appear to have been affected.

Just wondered if anyone may be able to offer advice on what parts to check or know what damage I may have caused?


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I believe that machine has a rotary pump. If so, there's a good chance that the pump will still work. A vibe pump machine, on the other hand, won't stand up to this kind of abuse (don't ask me how I know this :oops: ) In a rotary pump, the bypass valve (the one you adjust to set the pressure), allows the water to circulate, keeping the vanes lubricated. In a vibe pump, cutting off the water flow does likewise, via a separate valve, however, the pumps themselves are not meant to run beyond their duty cycle. Keep using the machine and cross your fingers :lol: Some time back, I asked the folks at Fluid-o-Tech about this, and they opined that while their pumps were not designed to run for extended periods, chances are that one left on for quite a while would survive, as they are quite robust. Here's a link Flow Control vs the Pump

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Chanced upon this machine, the rotary pump is very compact and quiet.
Thermals are good and stable.

Any issues from OP in the end?