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I travel alot and am looking for some professional opinions....I currently bring a La Pavoni Europiccola and a burr grinder which shall remain nameless, on the road with me and I set up shop in hotels for a week to 2 months at a time. I have never had good results from the La Pavoni (probably my grinder and poor skill set) I am going to upgrade to an M3 grinder and i would like to hear some opinions on an excellent machine. The primary restriction is that I cannot hard plumb the machine, weight is not much of an issue.

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A small hand grinder is portable, quiet, and can produce excellent results with a lever machine if you have the ~30 secs or so it takes to turn the crank. You'll find a few crema-laden videos here, all ground by hand:

Spring lever video

LMWDP #049
Hand-ground, hand-pulled: "hands down.."

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