BES920XL Brew boiler not filling after descale. HELP!

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So my machine has been making a lot of clanking and banging noises when warming up recently. I had read somewhere that it could be due to scale build up in the boiler, so i figured to descale.

I'm not sure if the brew (left screw) boiler drained when i did the first attempt to drain the boiler, it since i opened both boilers at the same time and wasn't watching, but it ran through the initial descale phase, i went to drain the system to prepare for the flush and very little water came out. Strange. I played around with it, and decided to cancel the current cycle and run another cycle. The pump wouldn't stop running, ok this didn't sound right after about two minutes i canceled the descale and I emptied the brew boiler (left screw) and nothing came out again. I emptied the steam boiler (right screw) and it poured out hot water.

I tried to turn on the machine and just open the hot water valve, and it just sputtered and nothing came out, and the pump was just constantly running. I tried to open the brew boiler a few times while the pump was running an no water was coming out, but the steam boiler had no problem filling and draining water.

Since the pump constantly runs, it doesn't sound like a sensor fault, but rather some kind of clog? or valve failure? I don't know if there's a backflow valve, or a solenoid that might be blocking water from flowing into the brew boiler? Or something else all together? Can someone please guide me on where is should be looking?

I know the problem on these things is usually the steam boiler, but that's the right hand screw right?

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Crisis averted? I put the machine on my workbench, plugged it in, and started doing some "yoga" with it while the drain valves were open, i tilted it to its side and smacked it a few times and water started pumping into the boiler and out of the drain valve. I've run it through another descale cycle, the first rinse and now it's on the second rinse before i try everything out again.