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About to take the plunge with a Decent. It Looks like the 18g basket is included with the machine, What other sizes would be recommended with the Purchase? What about third party baskets, should I consider them instead?

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VST baskets are believed by many to be superior to DE baskets in the cup.

As a light-roast drinker, the VST 15 and 18 are my most-commonly used baskets.

One "big" basket for "Filter 2.1" is useful, though it can be an inexpensive generic. I use the "free triple basket" that came with a bottomless portafilter handle. The DE pour-over basket seems to have faded from attention over the years.

The DE puck simulator baskets are both too fine for use at the flow rate many people are using today. Since the DE 18 may just end up in the drawer, abandoned, you might see if they'll swap in the 0.3 mm puck simulator. It's at least something more useful.


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I usually use an 18g dose for my espresso and pourover. The baskets I use are 20g VST baskets for the 18g dose. It leaves enough room to allow a puck screen to be used above the puck. I also do Sprovers for my pourovers using the Sprover Alpha profile. I still use an 18g dose, but the grinds are sized for v60. I also use two circular chemex filters under the puck and a puck screen above the puck. In order to fit all those into a basket, I needed to use a 25g basket.


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Buy VTS or IMS baskets instead. Much better in my experience

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Has anyone had good results with the Decent pourover basket?