Bambino Plus frothing issue

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Good morning,

I apologize if this has been answered but I am hoping someone can shed some light on an issue I am having.

I have had my Breville Bambino Plus for around a month now and have been using it on a daily basis. A few days ago I noticed tye milk frothing to almost overflow level. (I have been using the same milk since I started drinking at home espresso for 5 years). I have been following the same routine since day one. I have the temperature always at max and the frothing on level 2. It's been that way since I played around with it a month ago.

This morning, doing what I always do.. when I looked again the milk was overflowing and bubbling and made a huge mess.. running down the cabinet doors, under the machine and the entire steam wand had caked on milk all the way to the rubber. It's the first time that has happened. I cleant up the mess, cleant the milk jug (I use all the original equipment) and tried again, this time it did what it is supposed to.

My question really is.. is this something I should take seriously? Or was it user error? I can't see it being the latter as I have not deviated from routine. This also happened on min level. I dread to think the mess if it was max!

I just can't understand what happened? I am VERY anal about keeping things clean and in great working condition.

I might keep my phone handy incase it happens again.

Any info or advice will be greatly appreciated. I just hope it is not the temp sensor on the fritz.

Have a great day.

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there's a button temp sensor at the tray below the steam knob.
you must make sure that is dry and your pitcher is touching that properly. otherwise the machine wont know when the pitcher (not milk) is too hot to stop.
its in the manual, and some youtube videos mention it.