Astra Mega SC Gauges

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#1: Post by kevininwa »

I just got a screaming deal on a 2002 Astra Mega SC. I love the stability of a plumbed in machine (I have a NS MAC currently) but I'm using a reservoir and (my wife) would like to reclaim some kitchen space. I have not fired it up yet, but it looks amazingly clean.
One question I have though. There is a single gauge for boiler pressure, no brew pressure gauge (see photo).
I have seen other instances of that model online with both the standard dual gauge and my single gauge. Can anyone explain the reasoning behind this?
I can't imagine it being an issue of economy, but you never know. I am going to try to figure out how to add the dual gauge. Other than that, it is an excellent candidate for restoration. Also, I have never seen the self-tamping configuration for Astra- how does it differ from the regular groupheads?


#2: Post by nahau »

More than likely it is an economical issue. Pay more, get more sort of thing. As for self tamping, if you search this forum you'll note that your machine has a thicker dispersion screen that does the tamping when you insert the portafilter. How does it differ?... regular groupheads don't have that kind of screen.


#3: Post by KaffeeKrazy »

Only the plumb-in versions of the GA (Mega C) have the dual gauge.