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lagoon wrote:I would look to the Profitec Drive for guidance. This machine is the replacement version of the Pro 700

Historically the ECM Sync has been virtually identical to the Profitec Pro 700 (they are sister companies). So I would think it is likely that a new Sync will have similar features to the Drive.
If they gave the profitec 300 some of these upgraded features, it would likely be the perfect machine for me as I only do dark roasts and don't need flow control. I admittedly just purchased a Micra and stoped hunting as it checked all my boxes.

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I'm in the market for an ECM Synchronika, but if a new model is being released this year I'll probably just wait. Any idea when the Synchronika will be released?

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When I called Victoria Arduino's US office, was told no Prima Pro for US in 2024. Any other information around?

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There is a YouTube video over on Reddit Espresso that shows a new redesign of the Synchronika for 2024. The video is in Arabic and was posted in sometime in Oct 2023. The video starts off with a product breakdown of the Profitec Drive, Profitec Jump, a new ECM Go in powder coated yellow, and then towards the end they show the new Synchronika. It uses the new OLED multifunction display for the PID control that the Drive has but instead of buttons it has a nice, stainless steel turn knob to scroll through the display settings. In my opinion it looks much better than the basic + / - push buttons on the current Synchronika and the turn knob adds a nice touch.

Someone in the thread is in the business and said they heard it should be released in the US sometime in Q2. The poster said he reached out to WLL for info and WLL could neither confirm nor deny its release. I'm sure there will be a formal product launch of some sort, which would explain the lack of info right now leading up to the launch.

Here's the video:

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UNICA is a very interesting machine that I am looking for.