Any steps if not using ECM Synchronika for 30 days?

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We're heading to Italy for a month and want to get some advice on what to do with our machine. It's plumbed with a water filter system. I'd rather not bother with fully draining (tilting machine) the boilers.

Release from boilers, shut down power and water to machine.

When I get back I would flush it out.

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I would definitely shut off the water supply to prevent the possibility of leaks while you're away and of course unplug the machine.
I don't believe there would be a problem leaving water in the boilers for a month, though it would be good to drain them if you were away for longer, but if there is any chance of the machine being exposed to freezing temperatures you would need to drain the boilers.

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I would unplug the espresso machine & grinder, close all water line cutoff valves but leave the water line and the machine pressurized. The worst that might happen is a water leak till pressure is released. I would do this so that there is less likelihood of having air entrained in the system with little risk. The pressure will slowly drop naturally but some might still remain. That might be a good thing.
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I have a tank machine so cannot comment on the "keep pressure in the waterline" comments but I have emptied the water tank on my machine several times before leaving town for 4 to 5 weeks -- upon return just refilled tank and flushed out the machine about a tankful of water to get fresh water in the boiler. No adverse effects experienced. Obviously shutting off the water supply is a good idea in case of a leak - I also do that with the washing machine!

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Thanks all.