Any other VBM DDs still out there?

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Bought my VBM DD v3 in 2013 from another forum member who had upgraded. It is plumbed in and paired with a Super Jolly. It sat in hibernation of a sort for the past 2 years: hot water wasn't working and turning on the steam boiler tripped the GFI so I was using it for espresso shots only. Just jumped in and fixed everything including a frozen rotary pump bypass that had my brew pressure fixed at 12 bar. She is running beautifully now: steam and hot water work and shots are pulling at 8bar. She does vibrate a bit when the pump is running (a bit noisy) and maybe my next project will be trying to quiet some of the noise from the stainless panels touching.

Anyone else have a VBM DD still running? I would think so as with some TLC these machines should run forever.



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Do you mean the Vibiemme super domobar double boiler? I have owned mine for more than 10 years now and it has served me well. It is paired with a compak k10 PB.
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Mine was in active daily use from 2011 to 2016 then it shifted to be my backup machine when my lever is down or being worked on.
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#4: Post by cafeIKE »

I have the original DD from 2008.

Reworked a bit:
  • filled and redrilled steam tip in '08
  • add mid boiler tube to cold water injector
  • I may have changed the flow restrictor
  • move Gicar away from boiler for longer life
  • new 52W pump in 2020