Any Breville Oracle Touch owners here?

Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery?

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Good morning everyone,

I own two of these cool machines. There is one thing that drives me to drink though.... Before I waste people's time... Any other owners out here of this machine?

Thank, Shawn


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If nobody here owns one of these... I'm hooped.


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israguard wrote:Before I waste people's time... Any other owners out here of this machine?
Unfortunately, the way you asked does end up wasting a lot of time.

Search the site using its excellent search function.

Use a subject line that specifies your equipment and your problem.

Give details in your post.

No, I don't own one.
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Good morning,

Fair enough.

Machine works well. Issue I have is with emptying out the porta-filter after coffee is made.

The machine grinds and tamps by itself. Then a shot is requested.

To empty the Porta-Filter it is impossible to just "bang" it on the knock box. You can bang and bang and bang as hard as you want, but the coffee stays inside until the actual filter pops out from all the banging. This happens to me on two separate Breville machines.

The only way I can get the coffee out of the porta-filter is to take a knife and pry it out or with a fork/spoon.

Whereas with my Linea Mini a simple gentle tap and the coffee puck pops out like a charm.

First world problem but beyond frustrating.

Rgds, Shawn


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I have a machine whose pucks (for different reason than yours), are tough knocks. What I do, is I have three baskets for it and I took the retaining spring out of the portafilter. After a shot, I lift the basket out of the portafilter and set it out in the sun to dry, and put a fresh basket in place. Within a couple-few hours, the old puck has shrunk enough from water loss, to drop or knock out easily.

Breville baskets are both high quality and affordable.

On my Breville machine I use Breville, VST, and EPNW baskets. None of them are hard to knock out.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply. Your way would work but something is wrong here and this is happening with two machines.. And getting through to Breville or anyone who knows more than I do is impossible...


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Try your Linea Mini baskets in your Oracle and see if the problem follows. And report back. I'm curious.

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Isn't anyone going to ask him why he went from a Linea Mini to an Oracle Touch? Inquiring mines want to know!

As for getting that puck out? run it under hot water on the bottom of the basket if you buy a bottomless portafilter. You can also try a very bouncy knock box, i had a rock solid commercial one and found shots are harder to knock out.

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I have had differences between coffees in this regard. The two coffees I use most are consistent: one is harder to knock out, and a chunk of the puck will remain in the basket. The other is super easy to knock out: one knock, entire puck clears out. Same grinder, same basket, same machine.

I speculate that the easier one has a bit more oil content.

I do concur with the suggestion to use a bottomless PF. It is still pretty easy to rinse from the bottom side, and if you do so by holding the PF down near the bottom of the sink, you get a little gravity assist on the falling water :-)


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I still use and absolutely LOVE my Linea Mini. Its my Wife which asked for the Breville machine.

I use the same coffee bean in both. Zero issue with the Linea yet its impossible to knock out the puck from the Breville. You must use a knife and dig in.

Rgds, Shawn