Alex by Izzo - rotary pump you don't have to plumb in!

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Since we introduced the Vetrano over a year ago many people have asked for an espresso machine with a nice quite rotary pump that they did not have to plumb in.

Say hello to Alex by Izzo! She has a quiet rotary pump and doesn't have to be plumbed in. However she can be plumbed as simply as connecting the braided stainless steel water line and flipping a lever.




Vist our web site here to find out more about Alex.
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This machine appears to be modified for the US market since the Euro specs show it with a vibration pump instead of a rotary. Interestingly, the Euro link says it makes a sound when the water tank is out. Does the US model have this feature?

On your website, one of the pics shows a box with Sirai labeling. Does it have a Sirai pressurestat? If so, why do you list an upgrade to a Jaeger p-stat? If not, what is that box and what p-stat is it spec'd with?

Nice looking machine.


chriscoffee (original poster)

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The link you pointed to shows a rotary pump where to you see vibration?

As far as modifications go, yes they made changes to this machine for me to make it more what the American consumer is looking for.

Here are some of the changes they made:
  • Swivel steam and hot water arms.
  • Drip tray optional drain not mandatory.
  • Larger drip tray.
  • Drip tray that is removed by sliding out not lifting up and out.
  • Addition of second manometer for the pump pressure.
  • Changes to the pump motor mounts to make it quieter, which is one of the main reasons US consumers buy rotary pump machines.
There were also some other changes we made internally with respect to how components are mounted or the ones they use.

Your other question about the alert, yes that is still in there. When the machine is running off the water tank the two lights that indicate if the heater is on or off both go out, power to the rotary pump is cut, and the alarm starts.
Chris Nachtrieb
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So, say I were to give up the two-group, (and get a huge portion of my kitchen back...) and replace her with Alex, would I still have the thing plumbed in and on all day long, 24-7 :shock: ? And, if I were tempted to do a party elswhere, could I have a quick disconnect on the water line and just disco the drain and the water supply, plug the drain and pack her (still a 'her', right?) up in the truck to plug her in a 11V circuit and fill the water tank, flip the switch, and pull shots?
Hurry up, Chris, I'm trying to figure out if I should start drooling yet...
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Psyd wrote:... and pack her (still a 'her', right?) up in the truck to plug her in a 11V circuit and...
You probably need an additional 99v :?
Dave Stephens


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Very cool Chris. How can we learn more about Izzo as a company? or what can you tell us about them?

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Psyd wrote:And, if I were tempted to do a party elswhere, could I have a quick disconnect on the water line...
Most potential buyers are likely more interested in the rotary option without the need to plumb it in, but there's no reason you can't tote it around from time-to-time. I recognize the same drain setup as the Vetrano. Unhook with two quick connects, put the drain plug in, turn the switch over to "reservoir" and you're off.
Dan Kehn

chriscoffee (original poster)

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Here is a link to Izzo's web site.

They are a strong player in Naples Italy with their coffee and it is an area of Italy where you will find more lever action commercial piston machines than anywhere.

Like this one manufactured by Izzo:


As for the question about being that simple to disconnect and take with you and use as a manual fill, yes it is that simple.

Disconnect the water line.
Flip the lever
Put the plug in the drip tray
plug into any 15 amp outlet
fill the water tank.

Direct plump rotary pump lever action machine with drain will travel.
Chris Nachtrieb
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Is Alex commercial use certified? IE legally able to use for catering etc.
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I thought the biggest issue with rotary pumps/reservoirs was their ability to burn out in a few seconds if they ran out of water, which could be a high risk in a manual fill machine. Does the Alex have some type of safety switch or warning to tell you that you're empty to prevent pump damage? Michael