(Advice) New espresso chapter at home - Profitec 700

Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery?

Postby Phillipla » Jan 14, 2019, 1:16 am

Hey everyone just joined,

And I'm only 2 months into the home espresso rabbit hole, but doing great and already 4x machines in!


I'm currently using the Profitec 700 and 270wi and having great results at home! Not too hard and setup seems a little forgiving/tastes great.

I've been through the whole Breville line-up (both oracles and the bdb) to get into the $3-4K range for machine and grinder. But looks like Monilith Flat will have to come next.

I could use some good YouTube links if anyone could send me, so I can learn:
- best frothing techniques. Bought 2G of whole milk from Costco and been practicing 100s of times throughout the week but success rate of perfect microfoam texture is VERY LOW. Ha.
- best way to back flush, clean, Kafiza, etc for the Profitec steam wand and group head
- I have the older PID and I saw the 2bar steam upgrade and PID swap from profitec. Has anyone done this? Is it worth the $200 mod ?
- I tried Heart roasters Stereo blend but we keep going to Intelligentsia Black Cat for the comfort feel! Any others you guys recommend to try?
- our 18g in 36g method with a little needle to WDT then spin the distributor puck then tamp with the calibrated tamper is coming out great. Very nice stream from the naked portafilter... but any tips/links here would be great

And thank you guys for teaching a new member of this black hole of variables !


Postby gzim » Jan 14, 2019, 10:37 pm

Welcome! Sounds like you are off to a great start and hope you are really enjoying it!
From the sounds of your bean selection, I strongly recommend you try La Colombe Nizza... its is all about a comfort food.
Medium Roast, Nuts and chocolate.... I am not the citrusy high acid coffee kinda guy.
Here are 2 milk steaming video's... but there are Soooo many. Thess hit the right points for me, recommended by a good friend.

Only you can tell about the PID upgrade since it has no real effect on what goes in your cup...
There are so many video's out there, take you time and enjoy learning it.

Only thing I would suggest, is a 1:2 is a very long extraction for me. First shot in the morning I go 18g in and shoot for 27-28grams out, as a 1:1.5, any longer loose to much of the intensity and mouthfeel. Later in the day, I go for 1:1.25 so less than 25grams out.