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Interesting. I've never thought of using a E61 gauge without installing a whole flow-control kit, but yeah, it would work and be accurate enough to tell you your static brew circuit pressure when using a back-flush disk, and certainly accurate enough to alert you of strange fluctuations in your brew pressure when brewing.

I think you'd be happier with a thermometer there than a gauge, but maybe I'm just a traditionalist. If a machine's going to have a permanent gauge it should be somewhere more convenient to install (I'm half joking).

achosid (original poster)

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Jeff wrote:At that price, I'd put in an EricS group-head thermometer for not much more and get better control of your temperature in every shot.

Absolute accuracy isn't important to me for a conventional machine. Being able to try roughly 1/2 bar less or more from wherever you are, taste many shots, then continue exploring or go back, for me, is the goal.

(There is at least one machine that benefits from absolute calibration, the DE1. I can't see significant benefits on an E61 as there are no pressure-based calculations occurring.)
I was more responding to building a temporary setup on the bottom of a threaded portafilter, which I had done in the past. One of the EricS grouphead thermometers lives on my Appartamento at all times.

This all came out of a comment by James Hoffman: apparently the majority of the prosumer machines he tested have brew pressure set far too high, at least as measured by his scace. I've got the temperature variable locked down, so I figure if I can cheaply measure pressure at the grouphead I may as well get it optimized as well as I can.