Adjusting idle brew pressure on La Marzocco Linea Mini

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#1: Post by Frenchman »

I want to adjust my idle pressure closer to 12 bars as it's at 10 now (brew pressure is fine at 9). There is a very simplistic illustration on page 11 of the Linea Mini manual for adjusting the expansion valve. How easy is this to find, and can I do it without the side panels off (but with the cup holder plate off)?

Also, just curious, since Clive Coffee has a video on how to adjust the (dump tray) expansion valve, these are different with the same name, or is the manual's illustration super misleading?
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#2: Post by Jake_G »

The manual simply shows a cutaway of the front panel so you can see the expansion valve.

They are the same.

The curious thing is that the Clive coffee video doesn't mention 12 bar. Tightening the expansion valve only enough so it doesn't leak whilst back-flushing is ok so long as the pressure is less than 12 bar, but if it spikes higher than 12 bar, you need to figure out why.

In your case, if it isn't leaking, I'd leave it alone. If it is leaking, set it to 12 bar and verify it isn't leaking any longer.


- Jake
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