Adjusting the Bezzera BZ10 pressurestat?

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#1: Post by BaristaMcBob »

If I want LESS pressure, do I turn it clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Thank you.

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Would you post a photo? I don't know the specific pressurestat your espresso machine uses. How to adjust an espresso machine pressurestat offers general recommendations. FWIW, of the espresso machines I've used, I recall that clockwise = more pressure.
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#3: Post by JRising »

Almost certainly counter-clockwise on the P-stat's adjustment screw for less boiler pressure... But a photo or at least the brand-name would help.

BaristaMcBob (original poster)

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Thank you for the responses. The set screw is visible through a small hole. In order to produce a photo, I'd have to take the covers of the machine off, which is what I'm trying to avoid by posting the question here. In any case, through trial and error, I found the pressurestat on the BZ10 is increased (i.e. more pressure) by turning clockwise. An 1/8 turn results in a 0.1 bar change.