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Thats awesome, congrats! Looks great. I always thought that given how expensive the LMLM is that it'd just include a PID with a shot timer but I guess not. Never checked it out closely enough to see that it does not.


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Reviving this old thread to see if anyone else has added the ACE DotShot to their Mini. My LMLM should be here in about two weeks and I'm wondering how difficult it is to drill the hole and mount the timer. Modifying the casing like this is daunting, but I kind of hate the look of the Luminaire timer...


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CausticGuy wrote:It really wasn't that bad guys, the wiring harness is super easy plug and play. IMO the LMLM lacks a timer of sorts and to me this is cheaper, easier and more repeatable than just using a scale and going by weight, although I want the Acaia Lunar scale next for fun.
Looks great! Awesome work. I too am looking to get the Acaia Lunar scale. To keep your setup looking clean this might be a worthwhile investment as well: ... nar-scale/
LMWDP #672.


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This is available (today only) on for 45% off normal price ($140 USD).
Nick H.


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I installed one of these as well - easy mod. Used a step drill bit, deburred the edges and plugged into the logic board as below.
Put the two pin into the most right connector. Put the original connector into our female 2-Pin
Put the three pin into the only 3-Pin connector. Put the original connector into our female 3-Pin

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I just installed an ACE DotShot on my Linea Mini. It was thanks to this forum that I learned about the DotShot while researching machines early this year.

Just one note that might help others who do this mod: there are 2 different circuit board layouts on the mini now. Mine looked different than the ones posted here. There is only one three pin connector still, but, there are many choices of 2 pins. If you look carefully on the board on the other side of the connectors, the word 'KEY' is printed above one 2-pin connector in super tiny font. That's the pin you want on both board versions. If you try random pins (esp the red ones), you could fry the DotShot since some are higher voltage. My machine with the timer installed:


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mark_mccann wrote:I just installed an ACE DotShot on my Linea Mini. It was thanks to this forum that I learned about the DotShot while researching machines early this year.

I like how blue turned out here. One question, please. What is the difference in measuring the time with this timer compared to built in scale below?

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You are correct, I could use the built-in timer on the Luna scale. However, I prefer to measure shot time from the time I move the paddle until I stop it. On the Luna, you have to remember to manually tap the start button to achieve the same thing. It can measure the length of time starting from the first drop in the cup, but that's not what I prefer. This is much more convenient IMO. :D


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I get it, thanks. If the target is 30 and it takes 3 seconds to get the first drop down one can count it on the scale to 27.
Now a silly question, if the target is 30 seconds, what stands behind it "should" be 30 seconds after flipping the switch vs the first drop?

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I don't think there's any hard and fast rules when it comes to espresso. To me it's all about trying to do repeatable things. The dot shot timer is just a small nicety to make my life easier. Probably not the most rational purchase in terms of improved espresso / dollar spent. But, I think few people who purchase the Mini are worried about that. My wooden control 'upgrades' I just ordered from Pantechnicon are certainly not going to improve my shots. Like the DotShot, they will just make me smile a bit more each time I use the machine.