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Hello forum,
I am very new to the topic of brewing espresso, so it might be a very silly question that I have (cause I haven't found anything on Google)
Basically, I got for 20 bucks a nice old (by the looks of it a semiprofessional) espresso machine with a grinder. I couldn't find any info on it online... It looks a bit like the la pavoni napolitana, however it is not it and is labeled napolitana 2. Apparently it's made in Spain, but there's not much info on the sticker at the bottom of the machine.
Sadly it has its portafilter missing. So my questions would be. What is it supposed to do when I press the cup button? Should water come out of the grouphead even with no portafilter attached?

Also if anyone knows something about the machine, I'd be excited to hear about its origins :D

Team HB

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It's one of the combi machines of the 1990s or early 2000s, tiny single boiler with a grinder built in.

A SBDU with all of its removeable parts missing might still be worth the $20 if the element isn't cracked, so long as you can find someone who needs a boiler for their machine that has the parts needed to operate.

Back to the first question, "yes". If the power is on, the pump should be powered when the cup button is pressed. If the pump is powered and running, you'll hear it.

They were assembled from the readily available parts, different assemblers each making them slightly differently, whether they went without a 3-way brew valve and just used a rubber plug on a spring for a brew valve or went with the best quality parts they could source depended on the price-point they needed to stuff something in to.
Different manufacturers even stole names from each other, Pavoni, Imat, Lelit, and Mokita were all using the name Mokita for certain boxes. Imat was using the name Napolitana, but yours is neither IMAT's nor Pavoni's Napolitana. Napolitana may have even been the name of one of the manufacturers (assemblers, really) for a time, and stolen/borrowed to push those onto a market that wouldn't know better and had heard of the name, I suppose.