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#1: Post by bobkat »

A local restaurant has this 55 year old non working Gaggia on display. The owner says he couldn't get the proper parts for it to work properly....but it sure looks nice!


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I saw one few years ago in a antique shops called Golden Nugget in Lambertville NJ and wanted to take home
but they are so large I would have no place to show it ..
But they are sure a beauty to look at..

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#3: Post by yakster »

That's nice, especially the glass "hotel group" in the center that's used to brew larger quantities of coffee.

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#4: Post by linuxAndJavaScript »

Is it possible for someone that's good at restoring these to restore it in spite of the parts being hard to find?

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#5: Post by another_jim »

The dome, the two pots, and the side moldings are completely non-functional; they were a common decorations on 1950s and 60s Gaggias. Underneath the bling, it is a plain vanilla three group lever machine with one group converted to a mass brewer. If the boiler is still good, all the rest are fairly common items for people who restore antique espresso machines. Whether it is worth restoring is another question; this is not a Rolls Royce Faema or Conti; but a VW Gaggia.
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#6: Post by Psyd »

There is an Elektra two (three?) group Belle Epoque in brass and copper in a coffee shop near here, It is primarily a hookah joint, and the coffee is nothing to writ home about, so the Elektra died from neglect. Instead of spending the money to fix it, the owner bout a plain vanilla machine and pulls shots form that while the corps of the Elektra sits on the counter. Every once in a while I try to get him to sell it to me for scrap. Secretly, though, I want to refurb it.
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