54mm filter baskets for Dalla Corte

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I've just bought a 2011 Dalla Corte Mini, which only came with a single basket.

Normally I do shots of 15-16 grams, and would like a basket for the DC that is suited for that.

I've found an older thread on the topic Owner experience with Dalla Corte Mini where one user notes that DC had introduced calibrated (I.e. weight rated) baskets which significantly improved flavour - and the 15-18g seems to be right for my yield appetite.

However, I can't find it anywhere. Closest alternative seems to be the IMS Comp 54mm 14-18g basket for SM, DC and Izzo machines (which I can annoyingly only get in a ridged version in Europe).

Anyone tried the IMS basket or have other suggestions?


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I received IMS baskets with my Mina. They are great. Also the baskets that came with the 58mm kit are great. Since my Mina left I still use these baskets for the Londinium and Lambro. You don't have to look any further than IMS.

nisb (original poster)

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Thanks Niels! I've ordered the IMS basket, and also a third party bottomless portafilter that comes with a triple basket. Will report back on how they perform


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hi @nisb

please could you share the link to your pf? thank you


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Has anyone been able to find the Dalla Corte Mina 58mm bottomless portafilter. Been searching a long time. Just to add to the conversation, I had been using the Ceado E37S grinder and recently gave it to my son and purchased the Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Plus and the difference in grind quality is amazing, much fluffier and consistent output. It even made decaf beans taste tolerable (accidental purchase but did not want to waste them).